My Tribe

I hear the soft creak of leather. I feel the crisp fall breeze on my face and neck. Bright sunny patches filled with long autumn shadows cover the golden hills and oak trees surrounding the gathering. Now and then the soft snort of a horse emits a little puff of steam in the dew of early morning, as everyone called, quietly awaits his or her assignment. Their warm-blooded counterparts amuse the riders of the steel horses, but the hearts of all the riders are the same. They are the hearts of warriors…. Read More

Let It Echo

Serilda stands atop a large dune with the ocean below her and the moon emphasizing shadows along the coast. Closing her eyes The Leader shows her a picture of the coming storms. A sudden shift in the wind across her face confirms things are indeed changing rapidly. The Leader, though unseen had nudged her awake in the night and they had communicated in that easy way where no words were needed she just knew what He wanted her to do. So she had come to this place. Traveling through realms to reach… Read More

The Labyrinth: A Bridal Journey

At our church’s women’s retreat last year, we were able to experience something that was new to most of us… walking a labyrinth. While skeptical at first, but trusting the leadership, I jumped in. A labyrinth is basically a maze drawn on the ground, in this case on a cloth laid on a ground. You walk on it to the middle, and allow the Holy Spirit to talk with you as you journey together. So, began my journey… My experience with the Labyrinth actually began three days prior as the Lord prepared… Read More

Christ in Me

Last Friday morning, August 16, I was listening to an Mp3 called, “ Becoming the Beloved,” by Graham Cooke. It is focused on the believer’s place in Christ as the Beloved of the Father. I have listened to it many times over the past months but this time I was really asking the Father what he wanted me to understand from it that I had not yet received. Immediately I saw, in my mind’s eye, a picture of the Father, seated on His throne, He raised His right hand and point his… Read More

Sidewalks and the Little One

The Little One stands in the middle of a sidewalk jammed with people; all in a hurry and bumping into her as if she weren’t there. Finding the next gate to unlock is proving quite the challenge. Who knew buildings could be so imposing or that this tiny purple flower at her feet could displace what had to be thousands of pounds of concrete to just pop up and bloom. The contrast between hard concrete sidewalks and buildings and the tiny fragile plant is striking. Such resilience this little flower has, how… Read More

Pregnant with a Promise

I find it ironic that I feel prompted by the Holy Spirit to write about waiting. Sometimes, it has felt like most of my life has been waiting. I am one of those people who has had social anxiety standing in line at the grocery store. Yes, I have had a few panic attacks there. It never pays off to switch lines either. Someone always has a price check. Recently, I found myself next in line behind someone with two overflowing carts at the local wholesale club. They opened another line calling… Read More

Opening the Lock Gates

Last Sunday morning as we were getting ready for church, the Lord called to mind a fun experience we had in France a few years ago. The trip was probably our best trip ever and we look forward to doing it again. The first week of our trip, we rented a canal boat that we piloted ourselves.  My husband received an intensive 10 minutes of instruction in piloting and they also mentioned that there would be more than 20 locks on our route but that most of them were “automated”. Well automated… Read More

A Little Visit…

That time of day already huh! Goodness would you drop that backpack already? Just leave it there at the bottom of the stairs, no need to lug it another inch. Your hunched shoulders tell me that thing weighs a ton. Now close your mouth you’ll catch flies, you act like you’ve never been here. Come on up to the porch, I have a pitcher and a glass there with your name on it. You still get the rocker that squeaks but you’ve sat in it enough to know it’s comfortable. What a… Read More

Baby Tigers

A couple months ago, I was on a flight from Texas to South Carolina, bringing my Dad back home with me for a visit.  We had booked the flights late and so we each had a middle seat about 10 rows apart.  Because my Dad is 88, I asked to pre-board with him. The agent asked for my boarding passes and said, let me see what I can do. Next thing I knew he had us seated together in a window and middle seat with the aisle open.  As it was a… Read More

I’m Good with Being a Toe

Intercession has become a large part of my life. A few years ago, I would have been afraid of“the intercessor type”. Those are weird people. Depressed people. Serious people. I have had enough seriousness and depression to fill a lake. This was not what I was looking for. But a couple of years ago, a friend gave me the tug, asking me to join in a group meeting at her house to pray for the church leadership. I love her, so I said yes. I had no idea what I was saying… Read More