On the Third Day

The seed that was planted in the ground must die for it to bring forth life.  The husk that trapped life within must fall away and something entirely different springs forth.

Jesus’ earthly body was laid to rest in a borrowed tomb.  Who borrows a tomb?  Someone who intends to give it back when it is no longer needed.

On the third day, He rose again to new life.  He rose again in a glorified body that was entirely new and different from what was laid in the earth.  This new body could walk through walls and appear and disappear in a breath.

In Genesis 1:11, on the third day of creation, all of the seed bearing plants and trees were brought forth, the ones that produced fruit and seed after their own kind.  Similarly, on the third day, when Jesus arose from the tomb, He produced seed-bearing fruit after His own kind.

When He ascended He did not take those who believed with Him, but left us, whom He had produced, here to continue producing seed-bearing fruit after His own kind.  New Life.  Everlasting life. Fruit that will last.

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