The Flood

Has anyone felt overwhelmed in the last few weeks? I have. Three years ago or so, several friends and I were regularly receiving visions and words of a coming flood; like a tsunami. The connotation was that it was going to feel overwhelming, but God would be in it. And the results would be good. I remember seeing, in a vision, people thrashing in the water, fighting it, thereby nearly drowning. Others tried swimming upstream, wearing themselves out in the rising torrent. Some refused to step into the water, trying to ignore… Read More

First Steps

The first time I cast out a demon, I did it by phone. I really was just helping a friend to know that what the bible says is true. I was not Spirit-filled in the sense of having been baptized in the Holy Spirit, I attended a non-denominational church and had no special training in dealing with the supernatural. I didn’t have my whole life together. I wasn’t the perfect Christian. I just knew that what the Bible said had been changing my life for several years and I knew I could… Read More