A Thankful Perspective with a Lesson or Two

Stuck.  Have you ever felt stuck in a negative cycle? What a way to start a blog the day before Thanksgiving.  Yet, this is 2020, and for many this has been a wallop of a year. Last night, I delivered a pecan pie to a friend who recently lost her husband in a tragic  accident leaving behind young children for her to care for on her own.  Yet, in her eyes I found joy. As we chatted, our conversation turned to her husband.  “Sometimes, we get so caught up in how people… Read More


Risk in the Christian life is required.  It is as fundamental to life in the Spirit as a pulse is fundamental to life in the body. Risk is why we MUST begin with knowing the truth of Who the Father is and HOW the Father is.   Risk is essential to life in the Spirit as opposed to life in the flesh.  Life in the flesh does not take risks because it does not make sense to the natural mind.  On the other hand, life led by the Spirit is a life of… Read More

The Tide is Turning

So, three days ago now, I was worshipping God near the back wall of a warehouse.  Yes, that’s where we now meet with other believers. The Holy Spirit lives in me, I know, but sometimes the Spirit almost descends in a place.  That’s what it felt like.  At that moment, in my ear I could hear really loudly (not audibly, but it felt like it could have been) the words “the tide is turning!”  It literally felt the Holy Spirit was shouting at me.  Three times I heard it that way, and then… Read More

The Power of a Word

I’ve been part of an online event called Rise-Up, hosted by wholeheartedwomen.org.  We literally have been “rising up” early to meet together once a week for teaching, encouragement, and activation. Sleepily, I had joined in the group and listened to the talk.  The time had come to engage in the activation.  A woman I had never met before looked at me in the online meeting and said simply, “Ever since I heard you speak last week, I felt like the Lord was saying He loves your free spirit.” I know that probably doesn’t… Read More