Put It Down

I was on a Zoom prayer call and suddenly I was answering a text that came in on my phone.  I felt the urge to finish the message I was typing, but that meant I was only half listening to the words and prayers being spoken on the call and NOT listening at all to the Lord for what He would say through me. “Put it down,” I told myself.  I put it down only to pick it up again! Suddenly I remembered a scripture verse;  If you do not love your brother… Read More

Just Be Bread

I threw my hands up in despair, “You are asking too much of me Lord!”   Continuing my rant, I quickly got a shower, threw on my stretchy pants and t-shirt, and tucked the soft blanket up around my neck, attempting to go sleep or at least look like I was before my roommates jolted my solace as they returned from the late session. I had come to the “Retreat” weekend immediately following some extremely, intense counseling that had exhausted me.   I had thought that I may have a few moments… Read More