Just Dreaming

If I have one dream for my life, a dream to see fulfilled in my lifetime, it is for my family, and we believers as a united family, to grasp a deep security in our Father’s passionate love for us and for the world.  I dream for us to be overcome by His vast love, so big and so secure that our hearts are broken and set on fire for us to give it away to the waiting World. Jesus did not come to earth, suffer, die and rise again, in order to bring another… Read More

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Katy’s Healing

This is adapted from a post on my personal page earlier this week: This morning I awoke from a dream. In the dream, I was very aware of all of the current difficulties that my daughter, Katy and everyone responsible for her care are dealing with.  To enumerate current problems: Katy was diagnosed almost 12 years ago with Rett Syndrome.  A rare genetic mutation that manifests as a neurological disorder.  As a part of Rett Syndrome, Katy lost the ability to talk.  She lost use of her hands for any useful purpose,… Read More