Sacrifice vs Surrender

Most of my life I’ve viewed God as a God who expects us to sacrifice our lives to Him. Many times I’ve pictured myself as Issac laid on the altar, and envisioned me sacrificing everything I have to God.  I know this all sounds very holy, very righteous, very “self-sacrificing”, which is good, right? I saw God as a God who takes from us, who demands complete obedience like a military commander or a dictator.  The fear of the Lord, was well just that, a holy terror of sorts.  I viewed God… Read More

A Love Supreme

I could write a generic story about how we are soldiers for God and how Hearts of Beauty weekend is like boot camp, tearing you down, then building you up, but, the best writing is like a strip of scotch tape–transparent. So, (sigh), here goes… It’s really difficult to watch the blessings fall down on others like rain and you feel like you are in a drought. I have told friends, “Don’t worry, God is in the blessing business.” But in the back of my mind, I would say. “Except me.” I… Read More

Sonya Lee

Hey beautiful people. For far too long, I allowed myself to be a mindless drone of the Enemy. In April of 2018, I attended Hearts of Beauty Mississippi and it changed my life. Now this single woman is in awe of Jesus and the wonderful ways that He romances us everyday. My goal is to chronicle my experiences as a babe in Christ and my spiritual experiences with the Holy Spirit.