Scarecrow King?

Our family recently watched the video, “Jeremiah.” While I knew about his prophecies, I really had not studied his life or history. Since then, the Lord has been leading me to read the book of Jeremiah as a part of my daily devotions. So I came upon this passage: “This is what the LORD says: ‘Do not act like the other nations, who try to read their future in the stars. Do not be afraid of their predictions, even though other nations are terrified by them. Their ways are futile and foolish…. Read More

A New Map

The Little One crouched down carefully unfolding the map. Early glittering light of day kissed the frozen earth. Icy blades of grass gleamed blue in the early light. The landscape looked like a living kaleidoscope as the pale sun rose higher. The Little One marveled at the visible puff of air from her nostrils, in the cold is the only time to see that mystery of breath making life possible! A miracle every time… Mesmerized by the slowly dissipating cloud of her breath she focused on the map and traced with her… Read More

He Prefers the Stables

Two weeks ago, I found myself on the floor face up with my head under our newly decked Christmas Tree peering up at all the lights and ornaments, giggling, because the large, gaudy Santa ornament that a friend had gifted me with was dangling over my head, with it’s rear blocking my view.  As a child, I found solace this time of the year lying under our Christmas tree gazing at the lights, and pondering what it was like on that special night as I daydreamed with the aid of  our manger… Read More

Whoa! I’m Hot!

Recently I got a text from a friend who was looking for help in being humble or conquering pride.  The conversation was so much fun and the insight had to be from God because it was really good!  You will quickly glean that my friend is awesome and her heart so good.  Here, with permission, is the conversation: Her: Hey Adel!  Do you have any book recommendations on humility/conquering pride? Me: The Bible!  Kidding, kinda.  Let me think on it.  Francis Chan* is pretty awesome at that. Her:  Haha, of course!  Thanks, I can… Read More


Love. What is that elusive concept? I feel sometimes I’ve been chasing after whatever that word is all my life. Often I have felt a large deficit, especially in the area of loving myself or feeling loved. A few days ago, upon waking, I found myself longing for love. The Holy Spirit gently pointed to the wall around my heart, and said, “We still need to take that down, love. You thought you had to protect your self from me, others, even yourself, but I want to take the rest of that… Read More

The Poison

My spiritual father has reminded me many times, “Forgive everybody, for everything, all the time.” Yet, as I walk through life observing my brothers and sisters in Christ, I see this plague of the soul, called unforgiveness. Some cling to it like a familiar blanket from childhood days gone by. Others simply don’t give it importance, and play with unforgiveness, like a snake charmer playing the lute to the cobra weaving it’s head out of the basket. But what they don’t realize is in the end it’s bite holds the poison of… Read More

A Chorus of Sisters and Angels

Father, I just had a fun experience with my sisters and some of your angels. I was thinking, how you must feel about four of your daughters, standing at a mirror; some putting on eye make-up, some drying others straightening their hair.   All somewhat groggy…but all singing along with the phone-generated music in soft, sweet, morning voices, “Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come! With all creation I sing, praise to the King of Kings…” It was a beautiful few moments for me…. Read More

My Tribe

I hear the soft creak of leather. I feel the crisp fall breeze on my face and neck. Bright sunny patches filled with long autumn shadows cover the golden hills and oak trees surrounding the gathering. Now and then the soft snort of a horse emits a little puff of steam in the dew of early morning, as everyone called, quietly awaits his or her assignment. Their warm-blooded counterparts amuse the riders of the steel horses, but the hearts of all the riders are the same. They are the hearts of warriors…. Read More

Let It Echo

Serilda stands atop a large dune with the ocean below her and the moon emphasizing shadows along the coast. Closing her eyes The Leader shows her a picture of the coming storms. A sudden shift in the wind across her face confirms things are indeed changing rapidly. The Leader, though unseen had nudged her awake in the night and they had communicated in that easy way where no words were needed she just knew what He wanted her to do. So she had come to this place. Traveling through realms to reach… Read More

The Labyrinth: A Bridal Journey

At our church’s women’s retreat last year, we were able to experience something that was new to most of us… walking a labyrinth. While skeptical at first, but trusting the leadership, I jumped in. A labyrinth is basically a maze drawn on the ground, in this case on a cloth laid on a ground. You walk on it to the middle, and allow the Holy Spirit to talk with you as you journey together. So, began my journey… My experience with the Labyrinth actually began three days prior as the Lord prepared… Read More