No More Walls

Walls.  Some are thick, others are thin, tall, short, stone, brick, wood, plaster.  They are used to protect.  To keep something out or to keep something in.  Most times they are constructed so that others can’t see what’s behind them.  Certainly they can be useful.  I’ve used them well to protect myself from others’ brokenness or to protect them from mine.  The walls we erect to protect our hearts are amazingly complex creations and sometimes extremely useful, but they almost always isolate us in our brokenness behind them. God has been faithfully… Read More

On the Third Day

The seed that was planted in the ground must die for it to bring forth life.  The husk that trapped life within must fall away and something entirely different springs forth. Jesus’ earthly body was laid to rest in a borrowed tomb.  Who borrows a tomb?  Someone who intends to give it back when it is no longer needed. On the third day, He rose again to new life.  He rose again in a glorified body that was entirely new and different from what was laid in the earth.  This new body… Read More

Stumbling Stones

God says, “Rebuild the road! Clear away the rocks and stones so my people can return from captivity.” Isaiah 57:14 NLT Last night as I got off the phone after a conversation about preparing the way of the Lord, I heard, “It’s time to get rid of some more stones on the road.”  So, when I woke up this morning, He said, “Come take a walk with me.”  I have not walked and gone to my secret place with Him in over a week,  not since encountering an intrusive runner.  My secret… Read More

Katy’s Healing, Part 2 (The Secret Place)

    During the fast, the ministry I serve with, Hearts of Beauty (HOB), asked me to speak on the topic of spiritual warfare at the Georgia event. My most recent experience with the topic is our fast and the battle of faith it represents, so I told the leader that I would talk about the fast and the lessons learned during it. The retreat was this past weekend, just one week after the completion of the fast. I want to share with you both a portion of the testimony I shared… Read More

You Who Hold the Stars

The one who holds the stars in His hands and calls them each by name, is the same one who asked Abraham if he could count the uncountable stars to know the number of his future descendants. All the while, this one who knew the exact number of the stars and the very names that He gave each one, knew the exact number and names of Abraham’s future descendants, including Jesus of Nazareth. The vastness of the one who made every star, the creator and author who holds all of His unfurled creation in… Read More

An Altar

6:40 a.m. and I’ve been a wake for an hour already with thoughts rolling around in my head. I should be sleeping. No kids. Weekend away with my honey. Celebrating Papa’s faithfulness to us. It’s quiet. A preciousness in that word. It’s quiet. My soul is quiet. Three weeks ago, my feet walked this same retreat center as the women of our church converged here for a time away with the Lord. 20 years before that my betrothed and I received vision for our future marriage on these grounds. The land here… Read More

Becoming One

Twenty years ago yesterday at 4:00 p.m., I walked down an aisle, and became a bride.  I had no idea what it meant to be a bride. That evening as we settled into our bridal suite, a hotel off the highway, I fumbled around in the drawer beside our bed to pull out the Gideon Bible.  Beside it lay a single pewter anchor fallen from someone’s bookmark.  I turned it over with my fingers, and heard a popular song running through my head, “The Anchor Holds”.  Immediately, the Holy Spirit spoke these… Read More

How Revival Comes

I wrote this 9 months ago, but felt, with some editing, it deserved a second look.  I hope you think so too: In the little, 2 chapter, Book of Haggai, the Lord says to the people, “Why are you living in luxurious houses while my house lies in ruins?” (Hag 1:4) 17 years earlier, about a year after their return from Babylon, by order of the pagan King Cyrus of the Persians, the Jewish people they had laid the foundation of the Temple and the first layer of the wall. Cyrus was… Read More

Return to Love

Reconciliation.  So many letters.  Such a big word.  To restore to friendly relationship, to restore harmony, to settle, to resolve.  Even more than that… A return to love.  A restoration of love.  A forgiving and releasing place.  A receiving forgiveness place. I’ve been laying in bed recovering from a virus that’s been weakening my body for a couple of days.  “Eat and rest” was the trumpeted call at a women’s retreat last weekend.  Got that down the last two days.  In my quiet, which is such a rarity, my mind has drifted… Read More

Just Dreaming

If I have one dream for my life, a dream to see fulfilled in my lifetime, it is for my family, and we believers as a united family, to grasp a deep security in our Father’s passionate love for us and for the world.  I dream for us to be overcome by His vast love, so big and so secure that our hearts are broken and set on fire for us to give it away to the waiting World. Jesus did not come to earth, suffer, die and rise again, in order to bring another… Read More