You Who Hold the Stars

The one who holds the stars in His hands and calls them each by name, is the same one who asked Abraham if he could count the uncountable stars to know the number of his future descendants.

All the while, this one who knew the exact number of the stars and the very names that He gave each one, knew the exact number and names of Abraham’s future descendants, including Jesus of Nazareth.

The vastness of the one who made every star, the creator and author who holds all of His unfurled creation in the palm of His hand like a chestnut*; compressed himself into the form of that very man, Jesus of Nazareth.

The one who is infinite and immeasurable poured the fullness of Himself into the form of a baby.  He lived, and somehow grew in wisdom and stature and favor with God and man.  He allowed Himself to die for us, to be put away in the earth and then…

On the third day, as a creator again, by the power of His Spirit, wrought new life to His human form, and through Him offered everlasting life to me.  When I accepted, He made me like Him, and again humbled Himself to live within me forever.

By the power that generates those myriad stars, my life, with Him, will go on forever.  By His incomprehensible love, I too will grow in wisdom and favor with God and man forever and like the stars, I am held by Him.

This blog was inspired by the song, “Take Courage” by Kristene DiMarco

* From: Julian of Norwich, “Revelations of Divine Love”

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