Michelle Raymond Peterson

As a follower of Christ, I see life as an incredible journey. My heart is to see women embrace all that comes our way whether it is challenged with difficulties or highlighted with joy. My desire is to create a hunger in each of us to draw close to the one who wants to walk us through this life.

Wholehearted Women

A few months ago the Lord began to stir me to read Romans 14, calling my attention to it again and again over a couple of months.  In it, I saw Him saying: Accept other believers as God has accepted them; Live to please the Lord; Let the Master judge; Live in freedom; Act in love; In other words, an individual believer’s relationship with the Lord can and should look differently than my relationship with the Lord.  What is acceptable between them may not agree with my beliefs, and that’s OK with the… Read More

Adel Forsythe

By God’s inspiration, I’m the creator of the blog, Wholehearted Women, so I know God has changed me. I’m also passionate about serving women, and that is a downright miraculous change! If He can do that in me, He can do anything in you too. I promise!