This morning in my time of journaling and meditation I heard the whisper “It’s a new day!” As I looked upon the sun shining outside, I Immediately realized it was November 1st. Turning my bible to Psalm 1 I heard “New Life, Fresh start, a New season for all!” As I continued to write I then hear “This “NEW”vember will not be like any other Novembers.”  I immediately began to agree with the Lord in this and thank Him for what He has done and agreed and thanked Him for what He… Read More

A Wrestling Match

My husband flies home today.  He has spent the last eight days in Haiti, serving a mission there through our church.  People do these things everyday.  But the day my husband left, a wrestling match began inside of me with the God of the universe. As a child, my father had abandoned me, my mom, and three siblings in city with no friends or family.  My mom had no job, no education, four mouths to feed, and was a wreck in every way. Actually, it was the best thing that could have… Read More

The Keeper of Promises

Yesterday was a day of cooking.  I’m preparing for a busy, pre-holiday weekend that has a ministry event right in the middle of several social events.  As I worked through the day, I was thinking of the many things we have to be thankful for this year.  The miracles that have occurred throughout our year and also the not-yet things that have been promised to us.  I was tired but full after a night of laughter, hosting some dear friends for a simple dinner last night. This morning, when the phone alarm… Read More

Welcome Dionne White

Hello Readers, it is my pleasure to introduce the talented and wholehearted Dionne White as our newest contributor.  I think you will find her perspective refreshing, genuine and 100% getable!  I hope that the creatives among you will find yourselves at home in Dionne’s writing and be released to be entirely you!

After the Rain

He healed my heart through art. Sitting at my art table staring at the blank canvas on my easel, I envisioned a single flower. Pink or maybe purple, I thought I would make it. Vibrant, tall and strong it would be with its face pointing upward toward the heavens. As I eyed the blank slate in front of me I pondered “what kind of flower should I make it?” So I searched butterflies and flowers, one of my favorite combinations. I seemed to have been in a season of painting butterflies too…. Read More

Dionne White

Simply His. Radically touched, healed and transformed by my Creator. Two years ago I received a clear word from the Lord to “blaze a path to peace for people.” I’m passionate about pursuing Him and sharing the heart of the Father through Art, Action and Word. My art and writings are divinely inspired and can release healing, peace, joy and wholeness of life. Ultimately setting the captives free and binding up broken hearts, delivering and releasing people into their true identity, particularly Creatives. I live to connect, capture, create and cultivate hearts and gifts. I am Simply His.


Well I have been away from writing for a while.  I have been traveling lots over the past 2 months both receiving and ministering.  I feel so full when I arrive home and so excited to be with my family again, and then the struggle to get back to everyday life comes and it is a bit of a battle to process everything I have experienced and everything I have received.  Yet all the while I know that when I’m not given time to process, it is not time to do it… Read More

Beauty Marks

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything.  Not because God has not been very present and doing things, but because it didn’t seem time to write. But here I am again…punching keys on a keyboard, processing this crazy mess called life with my heavenly father. A month ago, I literally stood on a mountain top in the physical and in the spiritual.  His presence exploded on me and a friend like fireworks of light in a way I’d never experienced before. With a full, “yes!” to His will, my spirit soared…. Read More