This is a re-post of a blog I wrote a couple years ago.  As we enter into Rosh Hashanah and the Jewish Fall Feasts, it seems particularly appropriate. I hope you find yourself, as the Beloved, in this story. For her, this chance was her last gasp, her last fragment of hope to be healed and restored from the wasting sickness that had aged her, made her pale, given her dark circles under her eyes, stolen her strength, stolen her energy, stolen her hope. But would she dare? The oppression her culture… Read More


I heard a whispered, “Elohim.” I knew that Holy Spirit had said it.  Suddenly I felt the Presence of the Holy Trinity!  The room grew heavy and crowded. Elohim; Divine family, perfect love, friendship Elohim; Divine trust, unity, cooperation, even humility. Elohim Ancient of Days, Holy oneness, rivers of joy; Elohim Grace upon grace; Elohim My master, my savior, my husband,  my friend; Elohim. Creator of Heaven and Earth; Elohim God of oneness, intimate friendship; Elohim Most powerful union; Elohim