Healing Broken Emotions and Broken Bodies, Part 1

During a counseling session often I lead a client back to a traumatic incident. They relive the pain as part of the healing. Even with children the more comfortable they can become in telling a story about something painful, the less it is able to define them. We often go back to that painful incident and ask the Lord to reveal any lies that they believed during that time. Then we move on to asking the Lord what is the truth about that situation. We repent of believing the lie, we renounce… Read More

A Different Sort of Tale

Grinding my teeth against the oppressive humidity and heat I trudged along. Would it rain today, I hope? Ugh, if it just wasn’t so bright out. Finally reaching the shade of a trellis in the courtyard I turn my face ever so slightly in a desperate attempt to find even a stingy breeze, no luck. I huff out my frustration, as I look at all the vines I’m carrying. In my normal state of rushing headlong into things I barely noticed that several vines are woven in an impressively intricate pattern of… Read More


Yesterday at lunch, the Lord gave me a prophetic word for our waitress that gave us both goosebumps!  This week my family and I have been in Chicago.  Ostensibly we are here for a conference for my daughter, but as usual, wherever we are, we are really here for God’s purposes. So yesterday we had lunch at an old-school Chicago restaurant.  The food was good, the ambience was nice enough, but the wait-staff had been there a looonngg time and everyone seemed quite grumpy and set in their ways.  Yet, to me,… Read More