Healing Broken Emotions and Broken Bodies, Part 1

During a counseling session often I lead a client back to a traumatic incident. They relive the pain as part of the healing. Even with children the more comfortable they can become in telling a story about something painful, the less it is able to define them. We often go back to that painful incident and ask the Lord to reveal any lies that they believed during that time. Then we move on to asking the Lord what is the truth about that situation. We repent of believing the lie, we renounce… Read More

A Different Sort of Tale

Grinding my teeth against the oppressive humidity and heat I trudged along. Would it rain today, I hope? Ugh, if it just wasn’t so bright out. Finally reaching the shade of a trellis in the courtyard I turn my face ever so slightly in a desperate attempt to find even a stingy breeze, no luck. I huff out my frustration, as I look at all the vines I’m carrying. In my normal state of rushing headlong into things I barely noticed that several vines are woven in an impressively intricate pattern of… Read More


Yesterday at lunch, the Lord gave me a prophetic word for our waitress that gave us both goosebumps!  This week my family and I have been in Chicago.  Ostensibly we are here for a conference for my daughter, but as usual, wherever we are, we are really here for God’s purposes. So yesterday we had lunch at an old-school Chicago restaurant.  The food was good, the ambience was nice enough, but the wait-staff had been there a looonngg time and everyone seemed quite grumpy and set in their ways.  Yet, to me,… Read More

A Ring on His Finger

“I will make you like a signet ring on my finger, says the Lord, for I have chosen you.  I, the Lord of Heaven’s Armies, have spoken!”  Haggai 2:23 We are the signet ring on the Lord of Heaven’s Armies’ finger!  What?!  In the book of Hosea the Lord promises to shake the heavens and the earth.  But then…He gives us, His chosen ones, His authority!  Well that’s old testament you might say, He was talking to his people Israel you might say, or specifically to Zerubbabel you might say. Well, what… Read More

One of THOSE Weeks

It was one of THOSE weeks. You know the type I am talking about, we all have them from time to time. The kind of week that when someone asks the innocent question “how are you  doing?” a sarcastic and somewhat hysterical laugh bubbles up to perhaps accompany an unconscious eye roll. Shifts in perspective are always a hard fought battle for me I suppose. It’s not that I am intentionally stiff necked but I tend to toddle along blissfully unaware of an area of thought or perception in need of an… Read More

1000 Generations

I had a beautiful little vision this morning.  The Lord woke me up with the Bethel Music song, “Be Enthroned” by Jeremy Riddle. I got up and listened to it.  The chorus of the song says, “Be enthroned upon the praises of a thousand generations, ‘You Are Worthy, Lord of All!’ and unto you the slain and risen King we lift our voice to Heaven singing ‘Worthy! Lord of All!’” As I listened I had a vision of millions and millions of people surrounding the throne of God and when they began… Read More

Fly High

Anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun! 2 Corinthians 5:17 NLT (Emphasis mine.) I was having a little personal prayer and worship time with the Lord and He showed me a picture of two tall silk flags waving as if by a flagger, together. Each flag was vibrant orange with a shimmery purple and orange and yellow butterfly half on each flag. So as they were waved, it appeared that the butterfly was in fact, flapping its wings in… Read More

The Lion of Judah

The Lion of the tribe of Judah is coming for His people, He arrives at the frontline and the whole earth trembles, And the Lion roars and disease falls away, And the Lion roars and lying strongholds fall away, And the Lion roars and emotional wounds are healed and fall away, And the Lion roars and the enemy flees before him and His people are set free! Inspired during flags worship by Caleb Brundidge  at Women on the Frontlines   Scottsdale, AZ

My Lover, My Friend

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“His Mouth is Sweetness itself, He is desirable in every way. Such, O women, is my lover, my friend.” Everything he speaks about me, everything he speaks to me, every prayer he prays over me is sweetness and love. I am drawn to His mouth and to His heart. He protects me. He defends me and stands up for me. He loves me more than he loves himself. He makes sure I know that I am worth everything to Him. My Lover, My Friend is patient with…

My Mom Scoreboard

We are a sports loving household – okay, maybe not the entire household but half – okay, fine, it’s me, just me! In a house full of males, I am the most avid sports fan. I like pretty much any sport in season but my favorite sport of all sports is hockey, which is weird, because I grew up in east Texas in the 60’s and 70’s and the closest I ever got to a hockey game was watching the winter Olympics. Then I met and married my hockey-playing, Minnesota raised husband… Read More