Hello, my Name is Adel Forsythe, I am the founder of Wholehearted Women.

WholeHearted Women exists to help Christian women awaken the spiritual warrior within them. Over the past 20 or so years I have learned to walk out my relationship with Jesus in my everyday life. I have also learned to teach others to do the same.  The goal of our page is to help you grow in your spiritual life by sharing our real-life experiences in walking out our relationship with Jesus.

We hope you are aware of the spiritual battle going on all around us, we are in it, like it our not!  If you have not been aware, we hope to awaken you to the reality of warfare you live in, and equip you to live a victorious life.

There are only two kingdoms on this earth; the Kingdom of Heaven (Light, God) and the Kingdom of the World (Darkness, Satan).  The day you were saved, you entered the ranks of the victorious Kingdom of the Living God.  The problem is, in all the excitement, it’s possible no one has made you aware of the battle, developed in you a warrior’s mindset, or trained you in fighting from victory.  Warfare in the Kingdom does not look like warfare in the world.

The Kingdom of Heaven is what Jesus spent most of His time on earth talking about and demonstrating.  The Kingdom of Heaven is what He brought to earth. As believers we are supposed to be demonstrating the Kingdom of Heaven in our everyday lives right where we live and work and play.  Right NOW.

WholeHearted Women blog page hopes to help you understand the way God talks to us, teaches us and thinks about us.  We are developing WholeHearted Bootcamps, a 3-day retreat to help reset your mind and equip you to victoriously engage in the battle wherever your Monday morning takes you.

In addition, we are developing resources that will support you in your growth and strengthen you in the battle.   Look for more coming soon.  We want to partner with you in your growth and we will be developing many interactive ways to do just that.

We are the Body of Christ, we are led by the Lord of Heaven’s Armies, you are not alone!

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