Branded with His Love

Over a year ago, I found myself penning a single cross on my left wrist daily. Some former cutters do this to show they are now transformed into a new creation in Christ. I began doing it for a different reason. I wanted a daily reminder that it’s ok to be broken, imperfect. That Christ came to allow Himself to be broken for me. That somehow He presses into my broken mess and brings something beautiful out of it. “And Jesus took the bread and broke it, saying this is my body,… Read More

New Wine

I really enjoy good wine! I grew up in California, maybe that’s it? Maybe it’s because I really love food…GOOD food paired with GOOD wine! To me, good food and wine is a wonderful part of the abundant life that Jesus has provided for us. Even in the old covenant, King Solomon said that we should eat and drink, and find satisfaction in all our labor- this is the gift of God. (Ecc 3:13) How much more should we be able to enjoy life now, as partakers of the new covenant? Back… Read More