From the Inside Out

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Give the Holy Spirit control.  What?! Willingly give up control??!!  Yes, He is trustworthy, I promise.  Ask Him to control your mind, to make your heart like His own and to help you to see people and situations the same way He does. If you’re anything like me, you will expect to see these changes immediately and be disappointed or frustrated or both. I really haven’t caught on to that patience thing…😁. But if you will ask and keep on asking, one day you will find yourself…

A Moment of Revelation

The other night I was privileged to go to “Founder’s Week” at Moody Church in Chicago. A band called “Shane and Shane” was there and sang many hymns. It was an endearing atmosphere to see, a group of young and old singing out to the One true King. During the song “Jesus Paid it All”, my heart was gripped as I looked down from where I was sitting and saw a woman around 80 years old passionately raising her hands and crying to the Lord. Though I can’t say for sure the reason her tears were… Read More


I recently moved back home with my husband after being away for school for almost three years and can honestly say I was struggling with the changes. I felt as if “the world” would flood my mind as soon as I opened my eyes every morning. I had been so used to my quiet time with Jesus in the mornings and now it was everything else; putting my house in some kind of order, bills, family, friends and the list could just go on making me feel overwhelmed with what to do…. Read More


The oven setting says, “Perfect Turkey”. Wow, what a concept – perfection! But with family (read in-laws) coming and reputation on the line, its use wasn’t without hesitation and doubt. Wanting to believe, to fully trust those words but I just couldn’t bring myself to go all in – so I had the ham on standby, defrosting in the fridge. Plan but always have a backup plan. That’s my usual process. Then it hit me, this analogy of the perfecting of my faith as I want to rely on Him and His Words directing me to… Read More

Baring it All Before Him

What does it mean to have intimacy with God? Intimacy is the very thing I’d been longing for my whole life, for someone to know the depths of me, but little did I know the vulnerability it would take on my part. I thought I could be intimate with someone by just coming close to them, by learning about them, by spending time with them. And yes while I think those are necessary means, if you’re not willing to let that person see your heart or expose your own thoughts, then it’s… Read More

Veteran’s Day

This morning the Lord showed me a vivid image of my Dad on the submarine he served on in World War II. He was on deck watch at night alone. It was extremely dark out across the sea and he felt small and alone. Yet he knew very strongly that the Lord was with him. He looked at the brilliance and the vast number of the stars and knew he was not alone. Father God said that at that time my Dad was like Jonah, a prophet that he took to his… Read More

The Dreamer in You! (Updated)

By Diana Hoyle Do you believe in your dreams? After all you did dream them. Could your Eternal God possibly be trying to communicate with you? Believe it or not, it was the “Holy Imagination” of our All-Knowing God that thought of us and then created us.   God uses dreams to speak to us, and then through us, shows and tells us the amazing things about us. As we populate Heaven with the abundance of letters addressed to Him and Him only, dreams are one way of God answering the outcries… Read More

Children of GOD & Saints in Christ JESUS

by Ingrid Irwin How We See Ourselves as Believers Who are we as Christ’s children and Representatives here on earth?  Do we really know who we are?  Lately, it seems like we don’t know who we are.  I keep hearing many people say, “I am a sinner saved by grace”  I have even heard it from the pulpit.   But what does Paul say about who we are? In Galatians 3:26, he said,  –  “For you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus.” When we say we are “sinners saved by grace” do we realize… Read More

What Life is About

Every person and every relationship that we have with another here on this earth, is  given to us to help develop and mature Christ’s character within us. This whole process of life is to prepare us to stand before HIM. HOW do I love and care for those that I have been given the privileged to steward, even if I don’t know how much time I will have them? When we look at reality, we all know that we will not live forever here on earth and neither will the ones we… Read More


So… Can God talk to you through your Pilates Instructor? He sure can! In this morning’s class my Pilates instructor, in her best teaching voice and with her German accent, repeatedly poked at my quadricep and repeated “Jax, let this muscle go, relax it, surrender it into my arms.” After failed attempts, she warned me that if I do not learn to let go, then I won’t be able to go deeper”. In the natural she was talking about the deep muscle tissue in my mid section that activates when your flat… Read More