1000 Generations

worshipI had a beautiful little vision this morning.  The Lord woke me up with the Bethel Music song, “Be Enthroned” by Jeremy Riddle. I got up and listened to it.  The chorus of the song says, “Be enthroned upon the praises of a thousand generations, ‘You Are Worthy, Lord of All!’ and unto you the slain and risen King we lift our voice to Heaven singing ‘Worthy! Lord of All!'”

As I listened I had a vision of millions and millions of people surrounding the throne of God and when they began singing, I felt their voices in my body!  The sheer volume was overwhelming to me, but immensely beautiful to the Lord.  Then I realized that even in such an amazing cacophony of voices, each one could be clearly discerned by Him.

God made each of us in His image, yet each one has a voice that is uniquely our own.  It cannot be duplicated by any one else.  In the same way, our fingerprints are uniquely our own.  As we lift our hands in praise of our God, our individual fingerprints are discerned by our Daddy who made us.

In the vision, as the crescendo of, “Highest Praises, Lord of All” grew, I could see the joy on every face and the way that joy could not be contained.  Everyone was jumping in the air and throwing their hands up and worshiping God with every part of their bodies and with all their hearts!

He receives our individual physical praise, our individual joyful noise!  It is our highest praise to give to him our own voice and our own hands in sincere worship.  You are not one in the crowd to Him.  He made your voice and your hands uniquely your own and He knows you, He loves you and He receives you and your praise with love and with joy! Praise Him!

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