Healing Broken Emotions and Broken Bodies, Part 1

During a counseling session often I lead a client back to a traumatic incident. They relive the pain as part of the healing. Even with children the more comfortable they can become in telling a story about something painful, the less it is able to define them. We often go back to that painful incident and ask the Lord to reveal any lies that they believed during that time. Then we move on to asking the Lord what is the truth about that situation.

We repent of believing the lie, we renounce the lie, we declare the truth, forgive all involved including yourself and begin thanking The Lord. The freedom comes as we realize we have viewed everything through our distorted perception of truth. Recently I discovered the ability to do the same thing when trauma happens in our physical body. Especially if it’s a recurring injury.

I injured my shoulder getting in and out of the bathtub. I realized that I had originally injured that arm getting out of the bathtub. I asked the Lord what was common about both injuries. I realized that both times I was dealing with a relationship that was difficult.

So I asked the Lord what lie I have believed about that relationship? Clearly I heard, “You felt like you had to bear the responsibility and some how fix the relationship.” Then I ask him what was the truth?  He said, He wanted me to give Him the burden of changing the relationship and let Him carry it on His shoulders. Wow!

I repented of that lie. I renounced that lie and confessed the truth. I forgave others and myself involved in that broken relationship. I started thanking him and praising him for truth and taking the burden off my shoulders. Amazingly my shoulder started getting better. God loves to take from us the burden that we try to carry. Freedom feels so much better!

One Comment on “Healing Broken Emotions and Broken Bodies, Part 1

  1. Thank you for wonderful insight. I believe every word you said. I know it is true. I greatly greatly struggle in this area because I used to believe tons and tons of lies, and now little by little God is releasing me from all these lies, and it feels so much great.
    Thank you again.


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