A Gate

Quiet as a whisper and light as a feather she runs across leaves, bigger than she, darting from tree to tree. Little puffs of glowing particles flare and fade behind her leaving a temporary effervescent trail. Laughter bubbles up from the Little One tinkling like a tiny wind chime. Bare feet leave the tiniest imprint on the soft dark earth. The light of early morning is soft on her cheeks as she pauses to bask in the warmth. The Good One can always be found in sunlight because He is light. Conscious of the loving Spirit always next to her, she quietly asks which way? The Spirit, who can adapt to any environment, embodies sound, and many lights, responds in the language that is unique to the two of them and indicates the next spot is just over the ridge. A subtle vibration begins in the core of Little One’s body in anticipation of reaching the spot. This is what she was created to do, at least in part, there is much more but this is her favorite…

With the glee of a child she scampers over the ridge with the Spirit hovering beside her. They approach the gate. It’s magnificent. Intricately woven and hidden to those not looking, the gates absorb and release light, emitting the perfect camouflage.  Unless ,of course, you have the Spirit to guide you to them. The Little One stands in the light of the sun as the gate begins to release a song, high in tone and haunting in melody. The gate is crying out. Both the Little One and the Spirit smile. This song has been sung since the saddest day long ago, the gate and all its hidden treasures have been waiting until this time to be released. Each gate has a time to be opened, written in the veil of time by The Good One. The Little One falls to her knees humbled, yet again, in the presence of the Great Three, sometimes known as; the Good One, the Spirit and her Brother, all at the gate.

The gift of being allowed to play a role in these events brings tears to her eyes. The Great Three are smiling and inviting her to open the gate. They’ve waited so long and do not want to wait any longer. The Little One shimmy dances the last few steps to the gate because her own excitement is too great to stay shut up in that tiny body. Breathing deeply she looks at the gate made of vines and flowers yet something glowing gives it shape and substance. The sound and variety of light coming from the gate increases in pitch as the Little One finds the place to unlock its treasures. Placing her tiny palm on the gate her hand fits perfectly on the tumbler, she is the key.

A cry of sheer pleasure erupts accompanied by a sonic boom of joy, as rainbows of light explode and go to the farthest reaches of the galaxies. The Little One stands in a whirlwind of the most intense light and movement.  She can hear The Great Three laughing and shouting in triumph. More of their Realm is released to all. She closes her eyes basking in the torrent of pure life flowing from the opened gate. Eventually the intensity diminishes and a flow more akin to a babbling brook flows steadily from the opened gate. She looks to the Great Three and the smile of their approval sets the Little One’s soul alight. Springing through the flow of light and sound she is ready to go on to the next gate! One headwater has been released and the Great Three have more for the Little One to unlock…

One Comment on “A Gate

  1. This is such a sweet picture of you opening up those ancient gates with the help of the Father!


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