Occult Copy Cats

This week was spring break and my daughter was home from school. She loves the show, It’s Supernatural with Sid Roth.  I watched an episode with her and the guest on the show, Chad Gonzalez, caught my attention.

Chad talked about a former witch doctor he met in Africa who had been very powerful in the demonic world.  The man was now a follower of the Lord Jesus.  But in curiosity, Chad asked him about how he had operated in his old life.  The man said something that really caught my attention.  He said, “Christians are lazy!” He said that in his old life, he would get up before the sun, go outside and sit alone.  He would think about the curses he was going to do that day.  He would meditate on them in his imagination until he was certain that when he spoke the curse, it would happen just as he imagined it.  Whoa!  That was so convicting to me about my prayer life and the prayer life of most believers.

In charismatic circles we have all heard that the devil doesn’t create anything.  He only takes the things of God and copies them.  For instance, psychic versus prophetic.  In each case, the person is receiving messages from the spiritual world, but in each case the person is tuned to a completely opposite station.  One to the kingdom of darkness and the other to the Kingdom of Heaven.   We also know there are demonic tongues that copy the gift of speaking in tongues.  Again, each person is speaking a language from the kingdom they serve.

You can list all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and they have been copied in some form by darkness.  That does not mean that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are evil.  Of course not! They were ours first! It simply shows that the enemy is a copycat.  He knows the spiritual laws that God created and he uses these principles to accomplish his evil intention through humans who have the authority on earth that he lacks.

Last week in my time with the Lord, He said, “Whatever you wish for, whatever you do, bring it before me, let me hold it in my hand and I will bring it to life.”  Wow!  It amazed me then and it amazes me now.  My creator, my Father, the one who gave me life and sustains my life desires to bring  life to the dreams that He has put in my heart. His big Papa heart desires it for you too.

If a witch doctor who serves demons can spend hours dreaming of evil to do with his demons, how much more should we be willing to spend time throughout our day with our Papa.  Those demons hated that man and always intended his destruction. Our Father loves us and, according to his own word, has good plans for us.  Plans to prosper us and not to harm us.  Plans to give us a hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

If a person who serves evil can see demonic power manifested through their hands, how much more should we expect to see the power of God manifested through us if we give ourselves to His principles.

How beautiful to change my conversations with the Lord about my dreams into times of daydreaming with him about what it WILL look like when it is accomplished in Him.

When I was thinking about this principle of imagining with expectation, this verse came to mind. “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours.” Mark 11:24  Jesus has already revealed this principle to us, we have been slow to believe Him.

We are the royal priesthood of the Kingdom of Heaven.  We are permitted to bless and not to curse. When people in your life are struggling, rather than deliver a laundry list of requests to the Lord for Him to do, what if we meditated on what it would be like when they are…healed, restored, empowered, set-free…whatever it is you have been asking for them.  Then go to them and pray for them with full expectation that when you do, your prayer shall be fulfilled.  I have a feeling this looks much more like the hours Jesus spent alone with the Father than what my prayer life has looked like until now.

I hope to hear glory stories from you of Jesus showing off through you because you spent time imagining with Him!



4 Comments on “Occult Copy Cats

  1. Excellent, well written and impactful piece. Thank you for the insight, which caused me to meditate on my own practices.


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