The Flood

Has anyone felt overwhelmed in the last few weeks? I have.

Three years ago or so, several friends and I were regularly receiving visions and words of a coming flood; like a tsunami.

The connotation was that it was going to feel overwhelming, but God would be in it. And the results would be good.

I remember seeing, in a vision, people thrashing in the water, fighting it, thereby nearly drowning.

Others tried swimming upstream, wearing themselves out in the rising torrent.

Some refused to step into the water, trying to ignore it altogether, but as it continued to rise, they were swept downstream.

Still others just leaned back into the flood waters, floated, and laughed playing in the waves, trusting that they were held by the Lord.

Before Christmas, a friend reminded me of this vision. She said she has held onto it so many times, leaning back into the arms of the Lord and trusting that He’s got this.

As things in our world seem more and more like rising, torrential waters, like the days of Noah, I have a choice to make.

If I fight what Yahweh is doing, I will feel like I’m drowning. If I try to go against it, swimming against the stream, I may find myself exhausted. If I ignore the water altogether pretending it’s not there, it will come all the same. I may thereby endanger myself; being swept away in doubt, fear, and disbelief.

The best choice is leaning back into the waters entrusting my life and the lives of those I love into the hands of God, who loves me, and will work everything out for my good.

In this place of surrender, I can relax even in a tsunami that feels completely over my head. I can’t drown in the love of God. In His arms, I am safe.

I actually can come to the place of playing and laughing in the rising waters, knowing He has this crazy world in His hands. He is on the move, and His glory will fill the earth.

Keep your eyes on the true Lord Jesus. Let Him hold you in the middle of the flood.

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