First Steps

The first time I cast out a demon, I did it by phone. I really was just helping a friend to know that what the bible says is true. I was not Spirit-filled in the sense of having been baptized in the Holy Spirit, I attended a non-denominational church and had no special training in dealing with the supernatural. I didn’t have my whole life together. I wasn’t the perfect Christian. I just knew that what the Bible said had been changing my life for several years and I knew I could apply it.

So I helped my friend, whose guest bedroom had become, after a guest had stayed there a few months, a place that was always colder than the rest of the house, whose door opened and closed on its own and generally gave her the creeps. I helped her to say what it said in the Bible…”In the name of Jesus, I bind you and I cast you out.” She felt a shift and thereafter the room returned to normal. Simple.

The first time I did a house cleansing, it came at an unexpected time. I was visiting a relative who had recently divorced. A friend and I stopped for a visit that turned into a spiritual battle with all the scary-movie effects…house shaking, voices coming from an upstairs room, family dog being locked in said room by whatever the voice came from…creepy.

I felt totally unprepared and yet, my God held my hand and led me by His voice to know what to do. When we left, the house was swept clean and filled with the Presence of the Lord. The teen that had been heading off in the wrong direction suddenly was the one taking her younger siblings to youth group and attending women’s Bible study with her Mom. I never even prayed for her specifically.

We didn’t pick that fight, it picked us, literally. I didn’t specifically hear the voice of my Father say to take the fight to them, but I did know that the choice was to fight or to run. It was a kingdom against kingdom battle and I knew if Jesus was in my shoes, He would not run. I knew, as a daughter that He would not approve of this breach of Kingdom territory, so we had to say no to the breach and take back territory.

The first time I encountered a battle with a witch, it wasn’t much of a fight at all for Jesus. For a couple years I had been learning about the sovereignty of God, authority and my identity in Christ and suddenly I was putting those truths to work as weapons in a face to face warfare against the spirits that were strongly empowering the person in front of me. I was a little nervous. I only had the weapons that I had been given by study and revelation. Because Jesus held my hand and helped me persist in the battle until the shift came, it was accomplished. My new weapons were tested and proven (to me). Jesus likes on-the-job-training (OJT).

The power of darkness, which had been strong and tangible as I entered the field of battle was first overcome. Then the love of God for her was communicated to her and and the battle ended in prayer, forgiveness, healing and love. That is how Kingdom victories happen. No one killed, no one shamed nor disrespected but rather, new life comes.

As we begin our first steps into this new year, the battle between kingdoms seems to be more transparent than ever. As the Bride of Christ, it is time to step into our role in authority. Will we allow the breach of territory that Jesus has paid for with His blood? Will we be the last-days people who act like godly people, but deny the power of true godliness? (2 Tim 3:5) No!

I encourage you; Jesus promised that we would do everything He did on the earth AND MORE. That wasn’t just for the few. Remember He sent out the 70 and they were surprised it worked for them too! Jesus likes OJT.

Stepping out without accreditation is so foreign to our culture, but Jesus doesn’t expect you to fully know what your are doing. If you take your first steps into life in the Spirit, He will keep leading you along. Stay humble and under His wings. Smile and laugh with Him! Joy is a weapon in our Kingdom!

In the days we are in, the world needs to see the true power of the blood of Jesus upon the earth. In the days we are in, the Church needs to know the power and faithfulness of His empowering grace for us. Trust in the finished work of Jesus and the blood of the New Covenant you are under. Watch in amazement as Jesus brings new life through you to people and places around you. You’re about to have plenty of opportunities…go ahead, take your first steps!

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