Freedom. I don’t know what to do with it. I’ve grown so accustomed to the fence around me. And yet I see myself in a wide open field and my heavenly Father has kicked down the fence.

“Come enjoy the field. Come smell the flowers and eat the fruit,” I hear my Jesus beckon. I find myself standing there in the middle of where the fence once stood. It feels safer here, but there is no abundant life standing here in the middle of this self-imposed prison.

Can I really venture out and explore what’s beyond? What is freedom without stepping out and learning to enjoy all God has made for me? The destiny He has called me to.

The enemy would love for us to stay locked up behind the fence, but the fence is already gone. So the next best thing is to paralyze us in fear of the unknown, or condemn us that we aren’t worthy to enjoy His life and freedom, when really we have nothing to fear. Our good shepherd has already defeated the lying thief.

So I take the shaky step out of my imaginary fence line and with each step I take my confidence grows. I have been so afraid of making a mistake, but even if I do fail and fall or begin to wander, the Shepherd promises to pick me up, to lead me safely home to Him.

Trust. It’s takes much more trust to go enjoy the field. Can I trust Him? He won’t leave or forsake me. I choose to trust Him. So I step…

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