He’s the Lifter of My Head

Last week I was in Belize on a ministry trip.  I had been asked to lead the women into an encounter with our Father.  The day before the event, as I sleepily awoke, my mind slowly becoming aware, I began to realize that my spirit was already singing 2 lines of a “song” again and again.  I began to sing them aloud.  Hearing my own voice, and the tune the words accompanied, I assumed it was a song I had heard somewhere.

I began to scour through YouTube and Google to find the full lyrics, but to no avail.  I softened as I realized that my Father was sharing something about Himself with me, for me and for the ladies I would speak to in one day’s time.  Here is the full “song” He shared with me and I shared with them.  I hope it blesses you to know how He sees you too:

He’s the Lifter of my head,
He says, “Daughter come up higher.”
Come and see it all my way,
I designed it to inspire
Before I made the world
I saw you in my heart
So eager to include you
In all the plans I dreamed
To include you in my secrets,
To share with you my heart
To teach you and beguile you,
To lovingly guide your life
To grow you into the fullness
Of my honored much-loved child
In my eyes you’re a flawless gem,
Sparkling as you twirl
I laugh with all your antics
As you dance before my Throne
Your every move my focus,
My eyes for you alone
As I adore your life
I point to you with pride
We’re following your journey
As you begin to know the heights 
Let me show you how I see you
I intend to blow your mind!
To let your heart absorb
The truth of who you are.
Agree with me and run
Fearlessly into your new life
I put no limits on you and
You’re safe by my side.
Go big! Dream big! There’s more!
Ask me and I’ll display
The way you’re known in Heaven,
Running the family business
and tending to it my way.
Life and peace I give to you.
Life and peace you give away
The daughter of my Kingdom
My robe and ring, yours today.

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