Veteran’s Day

This morning the Lord showed me a vivid image of my Dad on the submarine he served on in World War II. He was on deck watch at night alone. It was extremely dark out across the sea and he felt small and alone. Yet he knew very strongly that the Lord was with him. He looked at the brilliance and the vast number of the stars and knew he was not alone. Father God said that at that time my Dad was like Jonah, a prophet that he took to his destiny by traveling beneath the waves. He took Dad from the desert of Texas to the seas and transported him back and forth across the Pacific until he arrived in Los Angeles so he would meet Mom and fulfill his destiny.

Like Abraham my Dad became a father to many.  A stepfather/Daddy to my two sister’s, a father to my brothers and me, a grandfather, great-grandfather and now, at 87, a great-great-grandfather.  In addition to all of us, he has been a father figure and strong support to many who were family by choice.

The image was so clear and so unexpected, like a movie playing in my head.  The really neat thing is that I didn’t even remember that it was Veteran’s Day, but the Lord honored my Pop’s service before my very eyes.  How much better salute can a man get?

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