The Dreamer in You! (Updated)

By Diana Hoyle

Do you believe in your dreams? After all you did dream them. Could your Eternal God possibly be trying to communicate with you? Believe it or not, it was the “Holy Imagination” of our All-Knowing God that thought of us and then created us.  

God uses dreams to speak to us, and then through us, shows and tells us the amazing things about us. As we populate Heaven with the abundance of letters addressed to Him and Him only, dreams are one way of God answering the outcries of our praying soul and spirit for Him to please show some sign.

Our dreams are coded answers to our questions of; What do I do now? Where do I go? And, how on earth do I get there? This information should not be a surprise, after all God did speak to Abimelech, Jacob, King Solomon, Job, Daniel and Joseph “husband of Mary” the mother of Jesus through dreams just to name a few. Why on earth wouldn’t God talk specifically to you?

I want to share with you my passion and measure of knowledge of dreams and dream interpretation using the Holy Bible. I feel every believer should begin to understand and acknowledge, even in some way, the tremendous value of our dreams. Dreams originate from God, our soul, and the enemy. Therefore, we must learn the difference between the three, because dreams from God are filled with divine purpose and guidance.

Always allow biblical symbolism and concepts contained within your dreams to be your guide. It is the Bible which contains the answers for our everyday life. Dreams from God come to encourage and enlighten us; to promote and train us; to warn us and correct us; to commission and validate us; to heal, comfort and transform us.

These nighttime parables are personal letters which bring completion to God’s endless circle of communication from Him to you and you to Him, on and on, over and over again. God-originated dreams promote the awareness of His consciousness of each and every one of us by validating; He does indeed hear us! He wants this frequency locked in place and the signal to never be broken.  

Dreams are answers to intercessory prayers which benefit us personally, our families, friends, unknown persons, nations, and the world! Oftentimes, dreams are unedited documents and clues, fragmented puzzles and enigmas sent by God to us to be eagerly sought out and gleefully opened by us, His children.

Our dreams contain clues to important unknown inherited secrets from our past and important building blocks to our future. They teach us depths about true and often hidden aspects of who we are and who we are purposed to be.  

Our dreams reveal our present state in the natural and in the spirit, or better stated; how God sees us through His amazing eyes. They reveal our faith and fears, and our strength and struggles. These are helpful aids from our Creator who shows us His truths, while exposing the devil’s lies and false accusations.

This vehicle of dreams is one way our Heavenly Father rebukes, reproves, chastises, and transforms us layer by layer, healing us through this process.

If we embrace our dreams and seek answers to the clues and visions from them we choose a path igniting our life’s journey to become richer with God’s presence and supernatural experiences that align with God’s Word. If we embrace our dreams we discover new realms and depths of authority and power we never knew could exist.

The greater purposes of our dreams is to further the Kingdom of God down here on earth through you, His ambassador! My prayer is that you take a closer look at the dreamer in you.

One Comment on “The Dreamer in You! (Updated)

  1. Dreams also require patience! For 2 years God spoke to me through dreams on New Years Day. The first year I had absolutely no understanding of the meaning of the two dreams I had on that day. As the year went by, I prayed and listened, but received no interpretation. Near the end of the year I asked the Lord to “Please” don’t let another year start without understanding the dreams. So, on New Years Day God gave me that interpretation through hearing someone quoting a certain Scripture which was key to the dreams. What He was saying was life-changing to me! He answered a question about my calling that had plagued me for years. It also led to better understanding of dreams in general. Subsequently, He opened the door for me to receive training in the interpretation of dreams with John Paul Jackson’s ministry.


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