Veteran’s Day

This morning the Lord showed me a vivid image of my Dad on the submarine he served on in World War II. He was on deck watch at night alone. It was extremely dark out across the sea and he felt small and alone. Yet he knew very strongly that the Lord was with him. He looked at the brilliance and the vast number of the stars and knew he was not alone. Father God said that at that time my Dad was like Jonah, a prophet that he took to his… Read More

What Life is About

Every person and every relationship that we have with another here on this earth, is  given to us to help develop and mature Christ’s character within us. This whole process of life is to prepare us to stand before HIM. HOW do I love and care for those that I have been given the privileged to steward, even if I don’t know how much time I will have them? When we look at reality, we all know that we will not live forever here on earth and neither will the ones we… Read More


So… Can God talk to you through your Pilates Instructor? He sure can! In this morning’s class my Pilates instructor, in her best teaching voice and with her German accent, repeatedly poked at my quadricep and repeated “Jax, let this muscle go, relax it, surrender it into my arms.” After failed attempts, she warned me that if I do not learn to let go, then I won’t be able to go deeper”. In the natural she was talking about the deep muscle tissue in my mid section that activates when your flat… Read More

Love Story

Just a glimpse…………………. into my “Love story” ❤️ It all started from a place of “Once upon a Time” when I met the love of my life, my high school sweetheart, the one I knew I would live happily ever after with for the rest of my life. (At least from the understanding that you can have as a 15 year old with dreams for life and a future of forever.) After dating for 3 1/2 years through high school, we married, went to Bible school, into the ministry, had 2 wonderful… Read More

Where Were You God?

By Pam McElhaney As I was sitting before the Lord this morning in my quiet time I caught myself pondering a very difficult season in my life. Where were you God? I know you make all things work together for my good but I just needed to know where you were. I sat for a moment and went back to that season in my life where I felt abandoned, afraid, lonely, and isolated. There was cruelty and misunderstanding.  There was betrayal of the worst kind.  Betrayal by the people I trusted.  The… Read More

A Moment of Clarity at 3:28 a.m.

My daughter and I were having some problems communicating; that is unusual for us, so it was weighing heavily on me.  She was out late and I felt hurt and angry at her because I was having to get up and give her dog, Awlee, a bath.  It turns out Awlee is allergic to fleas so we have to give her a flea pill because she has a terrible reaction to flea bites and starts pulling her hair out. 😁 We must have missed a pill and Awlee was fussing and scratching… Read More

Cold Turkey

Copyright: kamonrat / 123RF Stock Photo

I love coffee! Coffee, coffee, coffee! I drink it all day long. It helps me keep going. It helps me accomplish and achieve even when I’m tired; to keep going. Much of my life I’ve proved my worth by achievement. Recently I struggled with fatigue. Fatigue and heaviness that would last for days and I didn’t want to go to work or even get out of bed. I wasn’t making time to go to the gym and I gained weight. So I started to see the connection between my health and my… Read More