Wholehearted Women

A few months ago the Lord began to stir me to read Romans 14, calling my attention to it again and again over a couple of months.  In it, I saw Him saying: Accept other believers as God has accepted them; Live to please the Lord; Let the Master judge; Live in freedom; Act in love;

In other words, an individual believer’s relationship with the Lord can and should look differently than my relationship with the Lord.  What is acceptable between them may not agree with my beliefs, and that’s OK with the Master.  My relationship with the Master is and should be guided by what He says in my heart and by my heart’s responses back to Him.  It is flexible and changeable.  It is relationship, not religion.

Father has made each one of His kids as a unique creation. Though we are each made in His image, we also have a unique set of fingerprints in this world. Cool Huh?!  As believer’s we should all be maturing into freedom as we draw closer to the Father’s heart toward us and toward the world.  We mature into agreement with Him and learn to express that agreement in our own unique way.

This page is intended to demonstrate the many-faceted appearances of WholeHearted relationship with Jesus in the lives of real women who are sold out, devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Over the past 10 years, the Lord has brought these amazing women into my life for such a time as this.  These talented women are moms, executives, counselors, designers, poets, teachers, ministers and more.  Each has her own unique story with the living God, and each of our hearts belongs to Him.

I hope you find encouragement and understanding in the unique perspectives we share with you here.  I hope you might see that he is involved in the big picture of your life and He is speaking to you in the moments too.  He longs for you to live in the freedom of a personal, WholeHearted relationship with Him too.

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