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It is a first for me to share something other than an original work by one of our contributors.  This stirring word from Lana Vawser goes to the heart of why Wholehearted Women exists – namely, to see believers step into the fullness of their identity in Christ.  I hope it inspires you to believe and move into the fullness of who you are IN Christ Jesus.  Love and blessings to you.

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By Lana Vawser

The Lord has been speaking to me so much this year about “outpouring”. We are truly moving into some of the greatest days of seeing the Spirit of God poured out upon the earth.

As I have sat with the Lord, the Lord spoke to me that there is a great outpouring of the revelation of His love upon His daughters in this season that is going to bring them the greatest manifestation of freedom they have ever known.

So many daughters, so many women, have been caged, chained and contained by so many things for so long. This is a season of great awakening upon His daughters and calling forth the warrior within them. Awakening them to their identity and their authority that has always been theirs in Him.


The Lord has been showing me so many “lids” that were placed upon many women through lies, through mindsets, through woundings, through things of the past, through words spoken over themselves, words spoken over them by others, disappointment and many other things.

One major lid the Lord showed me in this season was the LID OF FEAR. I saw so many women have lived caged under the lid of FEAR for SO LONG and many have spent their whole lives pushing in, pressing in, and standing against this fear.

The Lord showed me that this spirit of fear has assaulted so many women, so many of His daughters for so long, and in the assault, they have lost their vision, they have lost their passion, they have lost their voice. They have felt disorientated and contained.

But I heard the Lord say “The time has come now for ALL OF THAT to CHANGE. There is a great outpouring of the revelation of My love upon My daughters that is going to leave them completely undone and changed by unconditional love.”


The great outpouring of the love of Jesus that is being poured out upon the daughters of God is so intense, it is so fierce, yet so gentle, yet so powerful, yet so all consuming, that it is leaving the daughters of God, forever changed.

There have been so many crying out for freedom, so many crying out for healing, so many crying out for restoration, and the Lord has heard. The encounters with the fire of His love so intense, they are not to be feared, but embraced, that it will remove ALL roots of fear. ALL roots of fear, ALL landing places of fear, ALL the places where fear has stolen, killed and destroyed from the daughters of God, REMOVED. The barren places, suddenly coming to life. Where fear has hindered fruitfulness, suddenly gardens of fruitfulness exploding all around as the revelation of His love brings life, resurrection and increase.

The Lord showed me that the encounters with the fire of His love upon the daughters of God in this season are BRANDING ENCOUNTERS. They are encounters that will leave them FOREVER MARKED by the love of God. Encounters where they will look back on them for years to come as the encounters that changed their life, changed their direction, changed their current situation, broke the chains and catapulted them further into their destiny and engaging with the realms of influence the Lord had given them.


The Lord showed me that because of the intense spirit of fear that has come against the daughters of God, many have lost their voice. They have lost their song. Many don’t know what their “song” is anymore. These powerful encounters with the fire of His love, these encounters with the revelation of His love, will SUDDENLY restore their voices. The lies suddenly breaking off and the muzzles over mouths, suddenly removed. The fear holding them back, stopping them from speaking, broken, and such beautiful confidence in who they are in Him, the song He has given them to release into the world in their spheres of influence and with conviction birthed. Where fear has tried to muzzle them and muffle their sound and their voice, in these powerful encounters with the fire of His love, the revelation of His beautiful, pure, all encompassing, unconditional love, a boldness and conviction to speak and release their songs upon the earth is being released with such love and an unwavering resolve. No longer compromised by fear, insecurity or comparison, but fuelled by the fire of His love, and revelation that what they carry and have to release is powerful and unique.


The Lord showed me that fear has caused a miscarriage of creative birthing in the lives of many of the daughters of God. The creative expression of God through them. I saw the words “I CAN’T” written all over their hearts. These powerful encounters with the fire of His love, I saw is CHANGING THE SCRIPT. The scripts that have been written over hearts of many daughters of God are SO OPPOSITE to what He says and SO opposite to His plans and purposes for their lives (Jeremiah 29:11), in these powerful encounters with the love of God, the fire of His truth is REWRITING the script and REVIVING AND UNLOCKING a great revival of creativity.

The “I CAN’T’s” were being rewritten by His love to “IN HIM, I CAN!!!”

I heard the Holy Spirit say “Nothing has been lost and nothing has been missed.”

As I heard that I wondered what He meant, as I saw a miscarriage of creativity in the spirit that has happened for many daughters of God. Instantly He spoke to me:

“What seems impossible to you is never impossible to God!” – Matthew 19:26 (The Passion Translation)

Then I am suddenly surrounded by Ezekiel 37 and the passage of the dry bones. Prophesying to the dry bones.

The Lord showed me that He is prophesying over the dry bones of creativity in the lives of His daughters and breathing upon them again, and they are beginning to rattle. They are beginning to come to life. They are beginning to show signs of life again.

I prophesy over the creativity He has placed within you, “you are coming to life in Jesus name! I prophesy the resurrection power of Jesus Christ is falling upon the creativity that has been miscarried and speak reversal. I speak life. I speak and decree that the Lord is restoring to you now not only the creativity that was lost, but double portion RESTORATION of creativity is being birthed in you and through you in Jesus name.”

Nothing has been lost and nothing has been missed, because He is redeeming it. He is restoring it, and not only that, He is adding increase to it.


I heard Him say “Watch the pioneering creativity that is going to be released through My daughters in this season. The Lord showed me as the awakening and revival of creativity is happening, a pioneering spirit is falling upon the daughters of God. Releasing the creative expression of heaven through them in their sphere of influence.

The Lord spoke again:

“Watch as what has never been done, is about to be done through My creative expression through My daughters is released.”

I saw the daughters of God rising up in such powerful ways in their spheres of influence with such incredible creative wisdom, strategy, invention, blueprints and insight in their spheres of influence, that things that have never been done, things that were said never could be done, new pathways forged by His wonder women unafraid to pioneer and build for His Kingdom in THEIR creative lane.

I saw such a spearheading happening in the body of Christ and in the world through the daughters of God right now, forerunning and releasing a new and creative demonstration of the heart of God and the good news of Jesus Christ into their spheres of influence.


In these powerful encounters with the fire of His love, I saw where FEAR has kept many women hidden and hindered their relationship with the Lord, where the fox of fear has hindered the vineyard of love (Song of Songs 2:15 – The Passion Translation) now SUDDENLY removed and restoration of intimacy with Jesus taking place, and a return to the first love happening. Where fear has hindered communion, friendship with Jesus and encounter, the fire of His love is falling so powerfully a whole new season of “FIRST LOVE FIRE ENCOUNTERS.” A deeper place of intimacy and divine dance with the Beloved than they have ever known.

Through these encounters I saw such beautiful impartations of fire being released to them, they were left so undone, so wrecked by His love, so changed by the revelation of His love, goodness, kindness and who they are in Him, that wherever they went they released the fire of His love, releasing impartation for others to encounter Jesus as the first love. I saw it happening in the Church and I saw it happening outside the Church.

He whispered again: “What I am doing in and through My daughters is a major key in this season of harvest.’

The sense surrounded me so strongly that there is a mighty move of the Spirit of God through the daughters of God rising up to stand alongside the men of God, and they will usher in an incredible harvest and mighty move of the Spirit of God upon the earth unlike we have ever seen.

These encounters with the fire of God so powerful were branding Song of Songs 8:6-7 upon the hearts of the daughters of God:

“Fasten Me upon your heart as a seal of fire forevermore. This living, consuming flame will seal you as My prisoner of love. My passion is stronger than the chains of death and the grave, all consuming as the very flakes of fire from the burning heart of God. Place this fierce, unrelenting fire over your entire being. Rivers of pain and persecution will never extinguish this flame. Endless floods will be unable to quench this raging fire that burns within you. Everything will be consumed. It will stop at nothing as you yield everything to this furious fire until it won’t even seem to you like a sacrifice anymore.” – (The Passion Translation)

The daughters of God are rising up carrying this fire. The same message that brands their hearts in these encounters with His fire echoing Song of Songs, that deep place of yieldedness, unquenchable, raging fire that is so all consuming that they are left sealed forevermore by the flames of His love, leading them to such a JOY in surrender, is the same message and fire that will be released THROUGH THEM.


Daughters of God, many of you have been captive for so long to fear. This is not your inheritance. This is not your portion and this season that changes. Everything is changing.

“For God will never give you the spirit of fear, but the Holy Spirit who gives you mighty power, love, and self control.” – 2 Timothy 1:7 (The Passion Translation)

You have been captive to fear and the wrong scripts branded upon your heart and locked over your mind by its evil, death giving whispers, but I prophesy over you, a season of encountering the fire of His love, being a prisoner only to His love is upon you. A season of WHISPERS is upon you, but it is hearing the WHISPERS of LOVE. The whispers of His heart in greater ways. You will carry the secrets of His heart as you linger with Him. The whispers that tormented you, will be no more. Now you will know whispers that ignite the fire of His love with such increase, creativity and vision within you. You will know at a deeper level, the whispers that lead you to life and these whispers will impart such fire in your bones you will not help but be able to speak. Your hearts will burn as you have been with Him and as you hear Him speak clearer than ever.


Where fear has stolen your vision, now you shall see further than ever. I prophesy a season of SIGHT over you. Holy Spirit, awaken their sight to see as you see, the areas where sight has been stolen, Lord open their eyes to see further than they have seen before. Many of you are about to see things in the spirit that are not even yet imagined in the natural. The Lord is going to open up His Word to you so deeply and show you such revelation, you will now understand why there has been such a battle over your life to steal your vision.

Daughters, this is your time, to be free from the chains of fear that have entangled you and know the love of God, the beautiful, all consuming fire of His love like never before.

You’re about to be branded.

Wrecked by His love.

Consumed by His delight of you.

Burning with His flames of love for you, that will birth an unshakeable resolve within you.

The spirit of fear has been given its eviction notice.

“Forever changed” will be the testimony that flows from your mouth from these encounters. You will look back on these encounters forever.

Partner with Him, agree with His invitation.

Fire of God…


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