So… Can God talk to you through your Pilates Instructor? He sure can!
In this morning’s class my Pilates instructor, in her best teaching voice and with her German accent, repeatedly poked at my quadricep and repeated “Jax, let this muscle go, relax it, surrender it into my arms.” After failed attempts, she warned me that if I do not learn to let go, then I won’t be able to go deeper”. In the natural she was talking about the deep muscle tissue in my mid section that activates when your flat on your back and your legs are lifted away from you, but GOD was talking through her, inviting me to a call that I have not answered for a long time. “Relax in me” he says… “Surrender” “I have you” and I want your obedience… Not your control, and when you learn to let go, then I can take you deeper!

Although I am very encouraged by his words through my Pilates instructor… I still don’t know yet how to let go of all the control? Yet! But if I keep HIM as my focus then he will teach me. What a great hope!

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