Step Into the Fullness of Your Identity

Hello Sisters and Brothers, It is a first for me to share something other than an original work by one of our contributors.  This stirring word from Lana Vawser goes to the heart of why Wholehearted Women exists – namely, to see believers step into the fullness of their identity in Christ.  I hope it inspires you to believe and move into the fullness of who you are IN Christ Jesus.  Love and blessings to you. Here is the post from: Posted on February 10, 2018 Prophetic Words THERE IS A… Read More

What if…? (2) Meeting Jesus

  “Are you real?”  Where are you? I’m so scared and so very much alone!” A little girl of 7 or 8 was sitting on the end of an old bed hugging her legs and hiding her face in her knees. She was crying and talking to God: “In that fairytale you opened up the sea! And our neighbor, old Martha, said you are real and you hear what we say. I don’t like to be alone. Do you really hear me? Oh I wish so much you would be real! Please,… Read More

The First Embrace

This morning I was worshipping to the song, “Find Me,” by Jonathan David and Melissa Helser.  The song says, “Like the dust that you first held in the garden where you knelt, pull me up against your face again, ’til the breath of your hope fills the depths of my soul, ’til all I know is I’ve been found by love.” During the song, I was first an observer, as the Lord Jesus knelt down and began to gather the soil in front of him with His strong arms, into an embrace… Read More


I grew up in church, a church like a shell full of powerless religious structure, twisted teaching, and hypocrisy. Stained glass windows of the story of Jesus painted the windows, but within the walls was a lifeless body needing resurrection. Hell, fire, and brimstone. That’s what I was taught. God is an angry God, full of wrath, ready strike you down if you step outside of His rules. Rules, rules, and more rules, but no power to live by them. Jesus was painted an anemic, pitiful man…weak. And behind closed doors he… Read More

What if… ?

Do you know that there are stories that are “not yet”? They have not happened yet, or have happened, but have not been written and shared, not been lived or dreamed about. … or – just not yet. This is one of these – “not yet” stories. SOAP BUBBLES A girl of 7 or 8 was sitting with a boy, Jesus, around the same age, at the edge of a cliff. She was dressed in a simple half-length cotton dress – light grey with bright yellow sunflowers on it. Her hair was… Read More

A Walk With God

Identity. Authority. Trust. Christmas 2017 –  Today is a rainy Christmas day. I went on one of my walks with my dog. I have a big and gentle bull-mastiff, Greta.  With her Big athletic body and sand color, she looks more like a lioness. Full of power and spring in every step she makes. She looks at you with her dark and smushy face and from afar she is a site to behold. People that don’t know her usually stop and give way to her in respect. Respect that comes from the strength they… Read More

Trash or Treasure?

I once taught third grade in a Christian School.  At the beginning of my second year, a scruffy boy, by the name of Nick shuffled into my classroom.  His grin warmed my heart, but his behaviors didn’t.  He hadn’t fit into the public school senerio, and his family had hit rough places; So, to Christian School he came.  I have this thing for underdogs though.  Broken families, broken kids, new kid on the block not fitting in, these things always hit home.  So, Nick and I began to get to know one… Read More

The Lord Looks at the Heart

In the above video, Simon Cowell is wrecked and made speechless.  This guy, who has a reputation of having a hard heart, to say the least, is overcome by real human emotions. Have you ever had your opinion about a person radically change in one moment of seeing their true heart?  Whether I’ve judged a person as bad, or wrong, mean, despicable or worse; all of that goes away when my heart is touched by love. When, in a moment, a person I have judged becomes a human being in my eyes,… Read More

How Revival Comes

I wrote this 9 months ago, but felt, with some editing, it deserved a second look.  I hope you think so too: In the little, 2 chapter, Book of Haggai, the Lord says to His people, “Why are you living in luxurious houses while my house lies in ruins?” (Hag 1:4) 17 years earlier, about a year after their return from Babylon, by order of the pagan King Cyrus of the Persians, the Jewish people had laid the foundation of the Temple and the first layer of the wall. Cyrus was the… Read More

Unrelenting Love

Last night as I got off the phone after a conversation about preparing the way of the Lord, I heard, “It’s time to get rid of some more stones on the road.” So, when I woke up this morning, He said, “Come take a walk with me.” I have not walked and gone to my secret place with Him in over a week, not since encountering an intrusive runner. My secret place for the last month has taken the form of a stone table under a blossoming tree facing the sunrise near… Read More