My Papa

I don’t know what’s s like for kids today, but growing up in the 70’s, when most kids still had their Dad at home, it was a common thing for little kids to have this conversation, ”My Dad can take your Dad”, and the response was, “No way, my Dad can totally beat up your Dad!” This conversation would go round and round.  I don’t think any Dad’s ever put it to the test, at least not in my neighborhood, but it was important to kids to think that their Dad could take care of business on their behalf.

This morning as I awoke from a sweet sleep to open windows letting in the dewy morning air, I began to joyfully thank my heavenly Papa that He is glorious, that He is loving, that He is holy.  I thanked Him that, in the middle of the night, he woke me with the answers I needed to a problem.  Lastly I thanked him for being my powerful Father who protects me and defends me.  He’s my big Daddy that no enemy wants to tangle with.

My earthly Daddy lived to be 89 years old.  By anyone’s definition, he was still spry, and would probably have liked to believe that he could still take your dad.🙃  In truth He wasn’t as quick or strong as he once was, his knees gave him some trouble, but his heart was still for me.  His blessings were still for me. Unlike Dad, my heavenly Papa, though He is the Ancient of Days, never grows old.  His protection, His love, His grace, His mercy is new every morning.

My Daddy passed on to Heaven on my 49th birthday, and it was not a birthday surprise I welcomed. Because I knew my heavenly Papa, I asked Him, “Papa, I know you are good and that you knew that Dad was going to go home on my birthday.  What are you saying to me?”  Immediately, in my spirit, the question arose, “What is the biblical meaning of the number 49?”  I went to the research source* I often use for such questions and found that the number 49 means, Father’s Love.  What!?  My heavenly Papa wanted me to know, on my birthday, that losing my earthly Dad did not leave me fatherless, did not leave me unloved by my Father.

If I had not known my Father’s heart, my birthday could forever now be a source of sadness and grief.  Instead, my Papa made it another reminder of His love for me, His provision, His protection, His nearness and His hand in my life. I love Him because He first loved me.


Image of Popeye and Bluto by J.Wellington- 

The Lighthouse

Early July, I did something I had never done before.   All my daughter wanted for her birthday was a trip with mom to the beach.

Everything in planning the trip felt unsettled, unsafe.  Not only was Covid-19 still causing shut downs, but many people returning from the beach were coming down with it.  In addition, a few weeks before leaving riots began riveting our country.

So to say the least, I felt on edge, and though I wanted to spend this special time with my girl, I was nervous.

As I prayed, the Holy Spirit kept telling me, “Lean back into me and have fun anyway.”  Sometimes, I feel He wants us to be like the Israelites, trust Him by dancing with praise in the face of the enemy.

The first place we arrived was a state park where a lighthouse stood like a pillar of strength with an huge American flag draped around it, evidently left over from Independence Day celebrations.  Directly beyond that, the soft sand and crystal waters of the beach beckoned us.

My daughter and I sauntered past the lighthouse forging our way to the beach.  Immediately, we went for the water to cool off in the hot summer sun.  Within a few minutes, I turned back to face the lighthouse from the view of the beach.  Dark, black storm clouds gathered around it, while gales of wind whipped the flag high into the air.

Over the crash of the waves, I heard the voice of my heavenly Father begin to speak.  These are the words as closely as I remember hearing them:

“Daughter, my people are like the lighthouse.  You are built deep on an extremely strong rock.  Without that foundation the lighthouse would quickly be swept out to sea in a storm, but it will not be shaken, even in a hurricane, because it is firmly sealed, firmly planted on an extremely solid foundation of rock.  It cannot be moved, because of the rock it is established on.  So don’t be afraid of the storms.  They may swirl all around you, but you will not be shaken.”  (The “you” felt like “you all”, meaning not just for me personally.)

Then the tone shifted a little, to where I knew He was addressing an even larger group, our country as a whole.

“Your country is still built on Me, God, though there have been things from the founding of it that have needed to changed.  As long as your country stays on the Rock, it will never be fully shaken, no matter what storms may come.  My light, the light of Jesus Christ will be re-lit in this country again to guide those home who are lost.  I am not done with the United States of America.  If this country will turn back to me, and remain on me, the Rock, it will withstand the storms, and my light will burn brightly again.  She will become the beacon to the nations again, leading others into a safe harbor.”

May we, as a country, remain on the foundation of “In God we trust”, and may we return to Jesus.  Holy Spirit, please relight the flame!




Heavenly Visions of Thursday, July 23, 2020

First vision, I saw myself go into the courts of Heaven, and I was overcome with the presence of the Lord and went face down.  I heard Him command me to stand up, but I didn’t have the strength.  Then I was picked up on my feet.  I knew I was there to intercede. 

 I heard, “What is your request?”

Then, I said, “For the chiIdren and the daughters and the sons.  For them to be rescued, for justice to come, for vindication, for the abuse to stop.”   I was particularly praying for sex trafficking and also for the Chinese church. 

I saw what looked like a clock.  I heard, “All will be accomplished in due time.” 

Then He said He was with those were wounded and abused, but the time for full vindication had not come yet.  Others must be added.  His timing is perfect. 

I asked was there anything I was lacking or needed.  I heard “Patience.” Then I saw myself fall on my face again. 

Then I saw the ship, “The Constitution”, and I saw the same big wave Kathie Walter’s had seen come over the ship, (Kathie saw Trump tie himself to the steering wheel because the ship  was tossing)  but it’s like it completely changed our course as a nation ran the ship into a safe harbor.

A little bit later, I was just soaking.  I heard again, “Come with Me. I have something I want you to do with Me.” 

I saw Yeshua as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.  He was fierce looking.  I saw myself beside Him, sometimes like a lioness, sometimes like a little girl.  It kept changing depended on what we were doing.  He immediately took me to the Great Wall of China.  He said, “You were once a slave, just as the slaves who built this wall, and you have forgiven.  You are to roar with me now.  Their vindication has come.”  I saw both of us roaring towards the wall.  His roar obviously was way more powerful than mine.  I felt more like little Simba in the Lion King.  But as we roared, the Wall of China began to quake and crumble like a wave.  Then I saw the ground begin to swell like a pregnant belly about to burst open, and I saw all these people under the ground pushing, like thousands and thousands.  It was like the ground was like a thin film, and then all of a sudden a swell, and then all of these people burst forth, like it had just given birth somehow.  

I heard, “This is time of the underground church in China to birth forth.”  I saw the face of the current president of China, and I heard the Lord say that this was the last wave of persecution the Chinese church will face, and it will be quickly over, and their time had come.  He said that He wasn’t done showing me things yet.  We went to the emperor’s palace.  He jumped over the outer wall.  And then began to roar, Xi Jinping  and all the ruling party came out and bowed their faces towards the ground.  Then the Lion grabbed Xi Jinping by the scruff of his neck, like cats do, and shook him really hard and tossed him to the side.  Then, I saw the Chinese flag come down, and I heard, “It’s time for a new flag.  It’s the time of the Chinese church to rise and rule.”  I saw a new flag that looked like a Chinese flag but it had a golden cross across the middle.  It was raised up the flag pole. 

Then , Yeshua said, “I’m not done yet.”  I then saw a very large Buddhua in front of the lion.  I heard, “Buddhu has consumed the children, and it’s belly is full.”  I saw the Lion roar again, and the belly of Buddhua  broke open.  All these children ran out and into Yeshua’s arms.  The rest of the Buddha crumbled away.

I heard again, “I’m not done yet.”  I saw the Hindu idol, Shiva?  He just went up and bit its head off.

Again, I heard, “I’m not done yet.”  I saw a map of the Middle East, and I heard, “Brothers, put down your weapons.  It’s time to come home.”  Then, I saw many men with weapons, begin to make tools out them, and I saw others link arms together.

Again, “I’m not done yet.”  I saw Him walk into the EU chamber in Europe, and all the Euro leaders were there, men of great power around the table.  But when the Lion entered the room, they all just stood like statues and shook.  I saw the Lion put both paws up on a large oval table in the middle, and as He did, the entire table top just flipped complete over.  I heard, “The tables are turned on them.” 

Again, I heard, “I’m not done yet.”  I saw the Russian flag.  I saw the sickle and the hammer come apart.  The hammer pounded on the sickle til it was like a straight line, like it turned into a measuring rod.  Then Yeshua took the hammer to Lenin’s tomb and pounded it to dust.  And then it hit the top of their Govermental building in Moscow, like at the top steeple in the middle.  I saw the leaders rushing out, and looking up.  I heard, “Justice has come for the church in Russia.”

I asked Yeshua about Africa.  I’m finally getting a clue, right?  I heard, “I’m not done yet.”  Then I see the Lion off the coast of Africa at the top, and I feel great compassion in His heart.  I see an image of Heidi Baker and many other leaders of the church in Africa.  He takes His paw swipes it across the water and a tidal wave of water rushes over all of Africa beginning at the top down, but it’s more like golden glory.  I was concerned at first for more flooding in the natural, but as this water went over the land, the land become lush green, and full of life.  I saw South Africa highlighted in gold especially, Then I saw glory lights all over Africa, and it all joined together and became one great light.

Of course, I’m wondering about America and Israel.  He kept telling me, “Wait.  I’m not done yet.”

So, we end up in front of the White House.  And as we stand there, it’s like the whole top of the house is laid bare and you can see everyone and everything, even down into the lowest basement.  I hear, “I’m exposing everything.”  I see people running for cover, some afraid.  But then I see President Trump, come out and stand in front of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.  He then goes down on both knees and is weeping, His face to the ground.  I hear, “Rise up my son, and rule well.”  It wasn’t like He was a king though, I saw Him then in a crown and robe.  It was more like Him in His sonship authority.  President Trump turned around to face the White House.  I heard Yeshua tell Him, “Set the Captives Free and bring justice.”  In his right hand was placed keys, and in the other a gavel.  But then this was funny, Yeshua also laughed and said “Clean House.”  And I saw President Trump and all of His cabinet and staff with mop buckets, mops, and gloves on.  They all looked like a cleaning service, like maids.  Very funny.  Then the Lion went to the center of the mall.  Again, He said, “I’m not done yet.”  He began licking up the water in the pool in the middle, and then He thumped His paws on the ground.  When He did the ground began to quake, and surge like an earthquake.  The monuments began to shake, like everything to the foundations, and things were breaking and falling, but the structures still held.   He again said, I’m not done yet, and He went to the Capitol, and He walked into Congress.  I saw what looked like a Spirit of Jezebel, but I also saw Nancy P. and others in the Congress.  He just walked in and interrupted the session.  Nancy P. was defiant and others standing around were scared.  Again, He just picked her up and shook her like a rag-doll, and very powerful men were around and they just shook and began to run away.  Then I saw that same wave that hit the U.S. Constitution began to flow all over our nation, and destroy major strongholds across our nation.  

Honestly, at this point, I got so excited, and felt like we were done.  Plus, my throat was hurting really badly, so I got up and took some stuff.  Totally forgot about Israel until I sat down to write this.  Then again, I heard with a laugh, “I wasn’t done yet.  You forgot something.”  Immediately, I saw us standing at the Dome of the Rock. Again, I saw the Lion first lick all around the base of the Dome, and then I saw where He licked, He began clawing at the ground, then all of a sudden with one paw, He lifted the entire structure of the Dome of the Rock up  and placed it in a nearby land.  He said, “I’m reestablishing My Kingdom here.”  I kept expecting to see some kind of new temple come down from heaven of something, but then I heard, “This is not an earthly establishment, nor anything like what you have seen before.”  Instead I saw like a golden shaft of light from heaven hit the freshly dug up ground, and I saw a huge golden cross in the middle of the shaft.  As it shone, people began running and flocking to it.  Then I saw the Wailing Wall, and I saw in golden graffiti across it, “Yeshua”.

 I also asked Him about the timing of Antichrist, like the mark of the beast etc..  Of course, He didn’t answer me directly, but I saw a large clock again.  And I heard, “The enemy has been trying to push the time forward.”  The clock hands were at ten til midnight.  Then I saw two large hands come and hold the clock hands in place.  I heard, “It’s not His time yet.  It’s mine.” 

Then, that was it.

Flag Fly High

Five years ago, this flag flew over Bald Rock, SC as symbol of unity and healing between ethnic groups.  The prayer act for which it was crafted was affectionately titled “The Prayer on the Mountain”.   

This morning, the flag leaned against the wall of a different place, but beckoned me all the same to hold it in-between my fingers once again.  As I twirled it back and forth, memories flooded back of the first time it flew.  

The flag is made up of various vibrant colors intermixing to create a kaleidoscope of beauty.  Each color represents a different color of humanity, all uniquely made by the Creator.  Different colors, different variants of dye soaked into the same pure white silk.  At each transition between the colors, a chaotic collision of mixture occurs.  

The master artisan of the flag told me that she used special rock salt to cause the colors to dye properly.  It also left the intriguing design that is so unique to the flag.   

Throughout history, salt is utilized as a preservative and purifier, which also adds flavor to whatever it seasons.  In the Bible, salt was often used to symbolize and seal enduring covenant relationships between families and people groups.  It was said a covenant of salt could not be broken. 

At the bottom of the flag is a grey area, where the colors are seemingly pushing the grey off the edge.  Again, the artisan told me the Lord told her to include this in the flag to signify how mankind’s sinful nature attempts to corrupt the beauty of the unity, but humility through reconciliation will win if we allow it too.

Today, our culture is ravaged by hateful voices shouting “racist”, demanding “justice”(seemingly only on the terms of the ones shouting), and committing crimes of violence in an attempt to be heard causing destructive chaos in the aftermath.  

As I gazed on the flag that I swung over the heads of the group gathered today, which was a mixture of humanity representing all colors, backgrounds; each person so beautifully created with a unique story woven together with every breath, I realized that may be the story of this flag needed to be shared.  Maybe this flag of unity in diversity needs to fly again.  

God, our creator, made one man and woman that we all came from: one race, one white pure piece of silk.   Our experiences, our cultures, our skin tones define the unique beauty that He has placed in us all.  As we melt together as one, our colors remain vibrantly unique, yet all in unity together glorifying our Creator.  It is the grey of our sinful nature, which is played upon by the accuser and deceiver that seeks to tear us apart.  

Yes, injustices have happened.  They have happened in every people group, in every culture.  And yes, America has continued injustices towards African Americans, as well as unborn babies, and mothers who try to protect their children from abusers, and many other injustices throughout our history.  There have been great evils hiding under the surface of our great country that want to suffocate the life out our of lungs, that want to divide and conqueror us through hate, rage, confusion, lies, etc..  Changes have to be made in our system for our culture to survive.  No doubt, God is uncovering these evils in a clarion call to action, before it is too late.  If we don’t speak up now, we may not get another opportunity.  

I don’t have the all answers, but I do know a great place to start.  

May those changes begin with repentance, forgiveness, and reconciliation, just as it did when that flag flew over our heads five years ago.  May the banner of all that it represents unfurl over our heads.  May the salt of the Word of God purify and preserve our relationships between each color, adding flavor.  May we lock arms in covenant friendships with one another once more, with a deep love for our fellow brothers and sisters.  May we walk in the unity of reconciliation, and may it begin with those who call themselves believers in Jesus.  


Open Your Mouth and Speak

A dream I had last night…

The Blessing…

Hey you guys! I want to share with you a snippet of how much fun it is to live life according to what you hear from God. It’s always an adventure and I hope you are already along for the ride too! If you like what you hear, I hope you will enjoy the book and maybe share a story with us here or on our YouTube page, Wholehearted You. Checkout this video and here is the link to buy the audiobook too!

Love Note

The other night in exuberant worship with fellow believers, the Father gave me this love note.  I hope it blesses you in the truth of His love for you:

My children,

I am the delight of nations, I am the Sun toward whom every face of every flower turns, I am your Father by my choice, I am the dew of the morning, I am the seasonal rain.

But you are my delight. The lightning bugs are for you; I watch as you capture each light in your jar. I cherish your laughter, I cherish your adventure, I delight in your delight. Draw near to my heart. I am all you need, I have all you need.

I am the splendor of the nations. (At this I saw His face toward me sparkling, covered with gold flecks.) I am the salve for your country, the joyous report. In me you have no concerns. In me is your healing. I am all you need, I am all you need, and you are my delight.

Love, Papa

The Lesson of the Lumberjack

When I was three, my parents took me to Six Flags over Texas.  I got lost among other things, but the thing that defined the trip was the log ride.

It was the first water log ride ever made, and my dad insisted we go on it.  All my adult life when I have envisioned that ride in my mind’s eye there is a huge lumberjack with legs spread apart at the top of the flume where the log goes through and then plummets. He is dressed in a red and black checkered flannel shirt with big brown leather boots.  He holds a large axe in his hand as he threaten to chop the wood.  This has always been the image in my mind, so much so I described it to friends that way.

We recently went to Dollywood and I knew I was to get on the log ride with my husband.  The ride is called Daredevil Falls, because they drop you down a sixty feet free fall and you hit 50 miles an hour on the way down.  As a teen, I had already conquered the fear,  but here it was again, and I knew what I had to do.

As we approached the ride, I literally thought I might pass out before we got there.  “Well, if I die, there are worst ways of going,” I thought.  Here I am: a brave, couregous intercessor warrior princess.  Yep.  That is me.

So, I put one foot in front of the other and thankfully there was very little line.  Something about a virus going around prevented people from coming, and hardly anyone was in the park.

A strange thing happened when I sat down into “the log.”  The fear began to subside.  I did keep breathing deeply though just in case.  We began the ascent straight up to the top and at first I could feel my head begin to swim.  I shut my eyes, but then thought, “No Lord if you told me to do this I’m doing it all the way.”  So I forced them open.

As we rounded the bend at the top to the edge of our plummet, a thrill of excitement went through me.  This sudden shock of anticipation surprised me.  It actually felt good. I made the decision to throw my hands in the air in the face of fear and yell like a baby all the way down.

Over the edge we went, and all the way down, my hands were thrown up in a victory wave and with all my might, I screamed as loud as I could.  My husband said at some point on the way down that He was smiling.  I think I may have embarrassed my kids who were watching below.

When we got off, I jumped like a jack rabbit clapping my hands. “I did it! I did it!” I exclaimed.

After the fact, I decided to go look up the infamous first log ride I had ridden at Six Flags to see if it is still there.  It is, but what’s more I found pictures of it from when I would have ridden it.

There was no lumberjack at all, no axe hanging above my head.  All there was was a small control shack out of wood at the crest the ride.

Then I remembered what had really happened.  My father had lied to me.  He had told me the story of the lumberjack that lived in the shack and that he would chop the wood as we floated by.  That we might get chopped up.  He told that to me, his three year old, who believed him, and created the whole senerio in my mind.

And that my friend is the power of lie.

Now, more than ever we need the truth of who God is, and who He has called us to be.  The enemy of our souls, the Father of lies, is working overtime to fill us with lies, fears, and images of destruction.  Only the truth will set us free.

May we lean back into the everlasting love of our Heavenly Father, and enjoy the ride, because He’s got us, and He is far greater than our enemy.

Perfect love casts out all fear.  1 John 4:18

In rest and confident trust is our strength. Isaiah 30:15

The Heart of the Matter: A Lesson on Prejudice

Just then a religious scholar stood before Jesus in order to test his doctrines. He posed this question:

“Teacher, what requirement must I fulfill if I want to live forever in heaven?” Jesus replied

“What does Moses teach us? What do you read in the Law?” The religious scholar answered,

“It states, ‘You must love the Lord God with all your heart, all your passion, all your energy, and your every thought. And you must love your neighbor as well as you love yourself.’” 

Jesus said, “That is correct. Now go and do exactly that and you will live.” 

Wanting to justify himself, he questioned Jesus further, saying,

“What do you mean by ‘my neighbor’?” Jesus replied, “Listen and I will tell you.

There was once a Jewish man traveling from Jerusalem to Jericho when bandits robbed him along the way. They beat him severely, stripped him naked, and left him half dead. Soon, a Jewish priest walking down the same road came upon the wounded man. Seeing him from a distance, the priest crossed to the other side of the road and walked right past him, not turning to help him one bit. Later, a religious man, a Levite, came walking down the same road and likewise crossed to the other side to pass by the wounded man without stopping to help him. Finally, another man, a Samaritan, came upon the bleeding man and was moved with tender compassion for him. He stooped down and gave him first aid, pouring olive oil on his wounds, disinfecting them with wine, and bandaging them to stop the bleeding. Lifting him up, he placed him on his own donkey and brought him to an inn. Then he took him from his donkey and carried him to a room for the night. The next morning he took his own money from his wallet and gave it to the innkeeper with these words: ‘Take care of him until I come back from my journey. If it costs more than this, I will repay you when I return. So, now, tell me, which one of the three men who saw the wounded man proved to be the true neighbor?”

 The religious scholar responded, “The one who demonstrated kindness and mercy.” Jesus said, “You must go and do the same as he.” Luke 10:25-37 TPT

Flannel graphs images of a man bleeding beside the road, the arrogant priests walking by on the other side, and the kind Samaritan with his donkey coming to help the man in need: these childish pictures flash through my mind when I think about the story of the Good Samaritan. Yet, as I read it last week, much more jumped out at me.

Consider this. The Jews throughout history have been probably the most hated culture ever. They were subjected to hundreds of years of slavery in Egypt, and every time they turned around, they were being conquered again, over run, tortured, hated. Why?Because they were Jews. Not so long ago, Hitler tried to exterminate them. Even today, countries surrounding them want to wipe them off the face of the earth.

At the time of Jesus, they struggled under the oppressive rule of the Roman thumb, which was a cruel, harsh regime. Read the story of the Maccabees to get a better understanding.

What did the Jewish people do then? They turned around and despised their neighbors, the Samaritans. There’s a ton of history I could go into here, but basically the Samaritans came from the same lineage, but broke off because of where they chose to worship and their intermixing with cultures around them. They became a mixed breed. They were considered lower than dogs to the Jews.

Jesus has a way of getting to the heart of the matter with the religious leader. In a matter of moments, he pulled back the curtain on this man’s heart. The beat up man was a Jew, and the religious leaders who chose to overlook their brother’s brokenness, by conveniently crossing to the other side of the road so as not to be bothered, were also obviously Jews. Maybe this was even a story that this leader knew about. However, the compassionate man, the one who came to the aid of the Jew, was the despised one that the Jewish man would have spit on and cursed.

Jesus looked at the religious leader and asked him, “Who proved to be the good neighbor?” He was dealing with a ton more here than what I learned in Sunday School. He was dealing with the religious leader’s prejudices, his hatred of Samaritans.

Dear friends, racism and prejudices have been around since Cain killed Abel. It’s brother against brother. Neighbor against neighbor. Slavery, clan against clan, one people group against another, one person’s skin color against another. It is a part of all our histories, all our generations, all of our stories.

I don’t say this to belittle the current state our country is in, in dealing with racism. By all means, it’s about time the roots and organizations that have fed this monster be brought to the light and dealt with in truth and justice.

Jesus always looked past the surface and dealt with what was in men’s hearts. The answer to racism is not more laws or violent protest or defunding the police.

The answer is Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, and strength. The answer is Love your neighbor as yourself.

So, when we see someone different than us hurting, bleeding, beat up, we take the time to stop, to care for them, to bandage their wounds, and get them help, even when it costs us time, money, and resources.

We stop ignoring the pain, the hurt. We stop conveniently looking the other way, which the church seems to be notorious for doing. We stop wagging our fingers at each other, judging the others differently than ourselves.

We look in the eyes of our brothers and sisters, we see their pain, and we comfort and help them however we can. We stand up for justice, for making things as right as we can. We choose to forgive and release the pain of the past, so that we can move forward. Together.

However, this goes both ways, for there is pain on both sides. There was pain on the Jews side and the Samaritan side, even the Roman side. Jesus knew this. That’s why, in telling this story, He made all men our neighbors.

The answer is love. Not human love through humanitarian efforts. It’s the unfailing, unending love of God through Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit. This is where true reformation begins. This is where true unity begins.

A house divided against itself will fall. This is why the enemy is fighting so hard to divide and conqueror. We can, we will, we must choose into love if we are to continue as a great nation. It is the only solution for a broken world. “For God so loved the World, that He gave His only Son, that whosoever will believe in Him, will have eternal life…” John 3:16. This is the radical group I want to align with. They will know we are Jesus followers by the way we love one another. We all have choices to make. Choose love.

Racism and A Clean Heart

The other morning after a run, I felt like I needed to record a video.  I apologize for no makeup, but sometimes when Papa says to do it now, He really means NOW!!!😩  Hopefully content will bless you and make you consider what you are hearing from our Father for your own heart cleaning journey.  ☺️ Bless you guys!