I see my friends; Mama-bears all. So strong, so willing to hold, willing to hear, willing to speak truth, willing to nourish, willing to heal.

Still each one has days when she needs a Mama-bear too. Each one has moments of weakness, each one sometimes listens to lies, sometimes feels alone. Then, at the moment of need another woman of strength; full of compassion, full of life comes alongside to hold up her arms in the battle.

We are at our best when a few of us come together to hold up each other’s arms for the duration of the battle. We gather to confront the enemy TOGETHER. Two hold up the arms of another, and the arms of those two are held up by two more, and on and on until we form a network of strength.

Yes, this is the picture of love and strength we are meant to represent to the world. A network of ‘family’ holding one another up in the battle. We do not fight alone. We do not struggle when we lean on each other.

This “Net-work” of strength for one another is also our best “net” to haul in the men and women we are called to love. We are called to be a demonstration of life as Kingdom Family. We are called to be the light that attracts them up from their dark places. We draw them from the murky depths to the light.

Holding up one another’s arms in the storm, we form the strong and flexible net to draw in the catch from the chaotic and lonely sea. Then in a twist not found in analogy, those who have been caught are made family and woven in making the net larger and more flexible still by their loving presence with us.

Freely you have received. Freely give.

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