The First Embrace

This morning I was worshipping to the song, “Find Me,” by Jonathan David and Melissa Helser.  The song says, “Like the dust that you first held in the garden where you knelt, pull me up against your face again, ’til the breath of your hope fills the depths of my soul, ’til all I know is I’ve been found by love.”

During the song, I was first an observer, as the Lord Jesus knelt down and began to gather the soil in front of him with His strong arms, into an embrace that formed His son, Adam.  I watched as the particles of light, that were the soil, shimmered and sparkled with colors, while forming the beautiful face and arms of a sleeping son who already wore a contented smile on his face.  Adam lay on his side in the now red soil.  As Jesus formed him, He was already embracing him, leaning over him, the way I lean over my own precious daughter.

In the same way that I press my face against hers, Jesus was pressing His face against Adam’s as He breathed life into his son, all the while smiling excitedly, like any new father.  His eyes were full of wondrous anticipation.

Everything around us was full of life and singing in fluid color, in living light sparkling everywhere.  There was not audible laughter, but palpable smiles and laughter in the air, on the breeze, on the dew, in the trees, in the ants as we now walked through the garden together.  Giggles were overheard from the nearby river.  Smiles reverberated in the taut muscles of the big cats to my touch, as they walked along with us, light shimmering on the tip of every hair.  Everything in creation is celebrating the birth of the son born to the creator.

Peace in our spirits, peace in our hearts.  The experience of joy, peace, contentedness, laughter, refreshment and rest; at once all of these playing together in the ozone-like Presence, who presses a gentle kiss on my forehead as I breathe Him in, a smile on my lips and tears in my eyes.  He smells of sunshine and a cool breeze on a summer morning.

Suddenly I am savoring a fruit filled with light and life.  As I spit the seeds it bears, like a child, I feel the seed’s restful sighs as they fall into the good soil of His life, His light, His smile, His laughter.  They are pressed into their cozy bed by His scarred hands and watered with His loving embrace.  In His embrace new life springs up again!

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