The Lord Looks at the Heart

In the above video, Simon Cowell is wrecked and made speechless.  This guy, who has a reputation of having a hard heart, to say the least, is overcome by real human emotions.

Have you ever had your opinion about a person radically change in one moment of seeing their true heart?  Whether I’ve judged a person as bad, or wrong, mean, despicable or worse; all of that goes away when my heart is touched by love.

When, in a moment, a person I have judged becomes a human being in my eyes, someone with a story, someone with real emotions, real pain, real heartache, all my clueless opinions lose their power.   Suddenly my spirit sees them with fresh eyes and longs to comfort, longs to help, longs to hold.

Our eyes are open to see the tender heart in that child of God that they normally conceal behind the fig leaves.

In the New Year, let’s persevere in asking our Father to open the eyes of our heart and see people the way He sees them, so that we can love them the way He loves them.

I pray that we might see one another as family, that we would give each other tenderness, understanding, the benefit of the doubt and love.  In the New Year, let us love others the way we want to be loved.  Let’s love people the way Jesus loves us.

3 Comments on “The Lord Looks at the Heart

  1. Adel, I so love your heart, you have the Father’s heart! You see others through the eyes of Father! I’m so honored to know you as a sister in Christ, you are such a blessing to me! Elizabeth Jones


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