The oven setting says, “Perfect Turkey”. Wow, what a concept – perfection! But with family (read in-laws) coming and reputation on the line, its use wasn’t without hesitation and doubt. Wanting to believe, to fully trust those words but I just couldn’t bring myself to go all in – so I had the ham on standby, defrosting in the fridge. Plan but always have a backup plan. That’s my usual process.

Then it hit me, this analogy of the perfecting of my faith as I want to rely on Him and His Words directing me to plan A. But I head into the plan, the talk, the situation, the world, already looking past His plan A to the possible need for my plan B. My reliance on His promise of perfect gets overshadowed by doubt and fear. I am hesitant to place all my hopes in Him. Why? Isn’t Calvary proof enough? Isn’t resurrection evidence enough? Weren’t His words calling me back to life promise enough? Yes! Grow faith – heat up!

And then the timer, the moment of truth in a taste. (Not really, the comment after my mother-in-law’s first bite was really the moment of truth.) And those little words on the oven were right. The turkey was pronounced – perfect! My plan B wasn’t needed. My worries were unfounded and my hesitancy now seemed silly.

When I stop and think about the plans He has worked for me, the good He has given to me and the forever love He has for me, my doubts and worries, my fear and hesitation all seem so silly. Taking lessons where I find them and striving to no longer see any need for my plan B.

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