A Word for the Daughters

This is a word the Lord gave me for the attendees of an event this past weekend.  It was for them, but it is also truth for all His daughters.  I hope it blesses you.

My dear daughter,

How beautiful you are to me. Your heart sings to me and I am astonished at your beauty. Beauty within and beauty without.

Every travail of your heart has been felt by me. I share it with you. You are not alone.

In the same way, every longing in your heart to do and be, I share with you too. In fact, I put it there.

I have big plans for you because I already see you in the fullness of all you are in your heart.

People have hurt you, telling you things that hurt you or kept you small in fear. Those were lies. But I AM the truth, I know the truth and I say, you already are.

And I’m helping you my darling! Every step of your becoming I long to do with you. I get excited at your growth and i love for you to get excited to talk to me about it. I AM wisdom after all and I have lots of it to freely give to you.

Freely you have received healing and salvation this weekend. I am making you one who freely gives of all you have received.

Your new freedom will set others free. Your salvation will save others. People are drawn to you because you love like me!

How can they not love you too?! There will be challenges! Sure!

Just like there were challenges when you were a baby, learning to walk. But you don’t even remember them any more.

I’m setting you up my girl! I am setting you up to be all I created you to be. All the answers you need are in my heart.

In the same way you quieted yourself to speak to me and listen to me this weekend — you will find answers when you seek me.

And when you seek me, I will be found by you, because I’m not hiding. You are my delight. I long to spend time with you.

I have anointed you to know my love, to be a carrier of my love in all that you do!

It’s not work, it’s fun!

When I share my plans for you, do not be afraid of their bigness. I am shaping you and carrying you to your destiny.

Only agree that I am right and watch me pave the way. My bigness washes you, prepares you and breaks through for you. You just trust in me. It’s a bumpy ride, so hold up your hands and yell, “Wahoo!” knowing you are safe in my hands.

I love everything and everyone you love. I’m sweet on you. So your interests will always interest me. Include me in your hobbies and in your work, enjoying our oneness throughout your day.

My precious girl, I never tire of hearing your thoughts. Tell them to me. I think about you all day and all night.

I watch over you while you sleep, so rest in me. And if you wake in the night, I am here – so talk to me. Then rest again. 

There’s nothing in your life too big for me.

I am God! I never worry so you don’t have to either.

Together we can do anything. And I’m never leaving you. My Spirit lives inside you, so let’s go! Let’s move!

I am free, making you free, holy, anointed, noble. I know the plans I have for you.

I call you a warrior when you are hiding under the bed.

I call you abundant when you can’t pay the bills.

I call you princess when you feel like a dustbunny.

I call you tender when you have put on hard.

One of us is right, my beloved. It’s NOT you.

So come on! Hurry up and agree with me so I can make you what I have called you.

You are righteous! You are Noble! You are good! You are faithful. You are friend. You are found. You are safe. You are home.

Love, Papa

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