A Light in the Night

Darkness enveloped the planet, like an evil vice grip, squeezing out the final breath.  Hopelessness hung in the air as crosses lined the roadways with the bodies of anyone who tried to resist the iron fist.

Greedy, power hungry religious leaders gambled their way to positions of power, making deals with their oppressors further smothering those under their influence.

The vague illusions of a “messiah” who would come to rescue them from their oppressors seemed to fade as the lights of the last Hanukkah had been snuffed out.

Four hundred years of silence from the prophets with the only hope left being a miracle of a menorah that had burned eight days instead of one.  Oil that miraculously didn’t run out left the last flicker of hope each year.  Perhaps Yahweh had not forgotten His promise.

Then the iron fist of Rome would pound again demanding all to bow beneath it’s blow.  A wind in the darkness swiftly blew the candles’ flames out, except for the spark that remained.

That spark impregnating a young virgin had been planted where no human eyes could see.

On the darkest night at the moment when all hope seemed lost, a cry of joy cracked open the heavens.  With the beat of angel wings and a song of glory to God in the Highest, Messiah’s birth was proclaimed.  Not to the high and mighty though, but to the lowest of society, the shepherds out tending their sheep.

Brilliant light pierced the black shroud of the long night.  The death grip of darkness yielded to the flicker of a spark which now blazed in glory, as Messiah broke through the trembling knees of an exhausted mother.

A baby.  He came as a baby.  The light of the world.

He came as a servant, not one to be served.  He came to deliver us, not from an evil political system, but from something far more dangerous… ourselves, our sinful nature.

He came as a man of sorrows, acquainted with grief, carrying our burden of sin.

He came to love us, not to be loved.  In fact, He was hated by those who should have loved Him, betrayed by the kiss of a friend.

He came to humble Himself to the lowest position, to offer Himself as a lamb without blemish as the sacrifice for our sin, which had separated us from our heavenly Father.

They looked for a strong military leader who would crush Roman rule and be crowned King.  Does that sound familiar in our time?  Do we find ourselves looking for the same thing?

Our hope is not found in a political or religious leader.  Our hope is found in the true Lord Jesus Christ.

The true Lord Jesus Christ has come, the light of the world illuminating our darkness.  For those who receive Him, rivers of joy can flow regardless of the circumstance.

Joy to the world the Light has come!

One day, He will fully return again as the ruling King of Kings, as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.  He will finish what He begun.

Until then, may we remember what He said.  If we want to be the greatest in His kingdom, then we must be servant of all.  Love one another, even love your enemies.  Do good to those who hate you.  Then Paul said that if we don’t love, we don’t even know God, for God is love.

As the world seemingly sinks into darkness at times, keep your eyes fixed on the Man of Light.  We bear His light now.  Let it shine.  Let the Light of His love shine in and through you to push back darkness.  May your Christmas be full of His joyous, love Light.

Is. 53, Luke 2:9, 10, John 8:12, John 13:14, 15, John 13, 1 John 4, Luke 6:27

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