My Papa

I don’t know what’s s like for kids today, but growing up in the 70’s, when most kids still had their Dad at home, it was a common thing for little kids to have this conversation, ”My Dad can take your Dad”, and the response was, “No way, my Dad can totally beat up your Dad!” This conversation would go round and round.  I don’t think any Dad’s ever put it to the test, at least not in my neighborhood, but it was important to kids to think that their Dad could take care of business on their behalf.

This morning as I awoke from a sweet sleep to open windows letting in the dewy morning air, I began to joyfully thank my heavenly Papa that He is glorious, that He is loving, that He is holy.  I thanked Him that, in the middle of the night, he woke me with the answers I needed to a problem.  Lastly I thanked him for being my powerful Father who protects me and defends me.  He’s my big Daddy that no enemy wants to tangle with.

My earthly Daddy lived to be 89 years old.  By anyone’s definition, he was still spry, and would probably have liked to believe that he could still take your dad.🙃  In truth He wasn’t as quick or strong as he once was, his knees gave him some trouble, but his heart was still for me.  His blessings were still for me. Unlike Dad, my heavenly Papa, though He is the Ancient of Days, never grows old.  His protection, His love, His grace, His mercy is new every morning.

My Daddy passed on to Heaven on my 49th birthday, and it was not a birthday surprise I welcomed. Because I knew my heavenly Papa, I asked Him, “Papa, I know you are good and that you knew that Dad was going to go home on my birthday.  What are you saying to me?”  Immediately, in my spirit, the question arose, “What is the biblical meaning of the number 49?”  I went to the research source* I often use for such questions and found that the number 49 means, Father’s Love.  What!?  My heavenly Papa wanted me to know, on my birthday, that losing my earthly Dad did not leave me fatherless, did not leave me unloved by my Father.

If I had not known my Father’s heart, my birthday could forever now be a source of sadness and grief.  Instead, my Papa made it another reminder of His love for me, His provision, His protection, His nearness and His hand in my life. I love Him because He first loved me.


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4 Comments on “My Papa

  1. God never ceases to amaze and astonish me on the myriad of ways He communicates with us. In my case, it seems His favorite is to use the natural world all around me. Even in the most mundane chores, I have learned to listen for His promptings to still myself and listen for His voice, His lessons, and His presence with me.


    • I totally agree JD. When I had livestock, while I was doing the most necessary and mindless chores were the occasions He would speak to me in so clearly. It was wonderful training in hearing His voice.


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