Flag Fly High

Five years ago, this flag flew over Bald Rock, SC as symbol of unity and healing between ethnic groups.  The prayer act for which it was crafted was affectionately titled “The Prayer on the Mountain”.   

This morning, the flag leaned against the wall of a different place, but beckoned me all the same to hold it in-between my fingers once again.  As I twirled it back and forth, memories flooded back of the first time it flew.  

The flag is made up of various vibrant colors intermixing to create a kaleidoscope of beauty.  Each color represents a different color of humanity, all uniquely made by the Creator.  Different colors, different variants of dye soaked into the same pure white silk.  At each transition between the colors, a chaotic collision of mixture occurs.  

The master artisan of the flag told me that she used special rock salt to cause the colors to dye properly.  It also left the intriguing design that is so unique to the flag.   

Throughout history, salt is utilized as a preservative and purifier, which also adds flavor to whatever it seasons.  In the Bible, salt was often used to symbolize and seal enduring covenant relationships between families and people groups.  It was said a covenant of salt could not be broken. 

At the bottom of the flag is a grey area, where the colors are seemingly pushing the grey off the edge.  Again, the artisan told me the Lord told her to include this in the flag to signify how mankind’s sinful nature attempts to corrupt the beauty of the unity, but humility through reconciliation will win if we allow it too.

Today, our culture is ravaged by hateful voices shouting “racist”, demanding “justice”(seemingly only on the terms of the ones shouting), and committing crimes of violence in an attempt to be heard causing destructive chaos in the aftermath.  

As I gazed on the flag that I swung over the heads of the group gathered today, which was a mixture of humanity representing all colors, backgrounds; each person so beautifully created with a unique story woven together with every breath, I realized that may be the story of this flag needed to be shared.  Maybe this flag of unity in diversity needs to fly again.  

God, our creator, made one man and woman that we all came from: one race, one white pure piece of silk.   Our experiences, our cultures, our skin tones define the unique beauty that He has placed in us all.  As we melt together as one, our colors remain vibrantly unique, yet all in unity together glorifying our Creator.  It is the grey of our sinful nature, which is played upon by the accuser and deceiver that seeks to tear us apart.  

Yes, injustices have happened.  They have happened in every people group, in every culture.  And yes, America has continued injustices towards African Americans, as well as unborn babies, and mothers who try to protect their children from abusers, and many other injustices throughout our history.  There have been great evils hiding under the surface of our great country that want to suffocate the life out our of lungs, that want to divide and conqueror us through hate, rage, confusion, lies, etc..  Changes have to be made in our system for our culture to survive.  No doubt, God is uncovering these evils in a clarion call to action, before it is too late.  If we don’t speak up now, we may not get another opportunity.  

I don’t have the all answers, but I do know a great place to start.  

May those changes begin with repentance, forgiveness, and reconciliation, just as it did when that flag flew over our heads five years ago.  May the banner of all that it represents unfurl over our heads.  May the salt of the Word of God purify and preserve our relationships between each color, adding flavor.  May we lock arms in covenant friendships with one another once more, with a deep love for our fellow brothers and sisters.  May we walk in the unity of reconciliation, and may it begin with those who call themselves believers in Jesus.  


3 Comments on “Flag Fly High

  1. “May those changes begin with repentance, forgiveness, and reconciliation, just as it did when that flag flew over our heads five years ago.” Amen


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