Love Note

The other night in exuberant worship with fellow believers, the Father gave me this love note.  I hope it blesses you in the truth of His love for you:

My children,

I am the delight of nations, I am the Sun toward whom every face of every flower turns, I am your Father by my choice, I am the dew of the morning, I am the seasonal rain.

But you are my delight. The lightning bugs are for you; I watch as you capture each light in your jar. I cherish your laughter, I cherish your adventure, I delight in your delight. Draw near to my heart. I am all you need, I have all you need.

I am the splendor of the nations. (At this I saw His face toward me sparkling, covered with gold flecks.) I am the salve for your country, the joyous report. In me you have no concerns. In me is your healing. I am all you need, I am all you need, and you are my delight.

Love, Papa

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