Racism and A Clean Heart

The other morning after a run, I felt like I needed to record a video.  I apologize for no makeup, but sometimes when Papa says to do it now, He really means NOW!!!😩  Hopefully content will bless you and make you consider what you are hearing from our Father for your own heart cleaning journey.  ☺️ Bless you guys!

5 Comments on “Racism and A Clean Heart

  1. Adel…….your video is AWESOME and spoke to me on many levels so thank you for sharing what God put on your heart. Please don’t apologize for not having makeup on 🙂 YOU are beautiful………no makeup required!


  2. Thank you for your message. I have to admit that I almost didn’t listen simply because you apologized for not wearing make up. Please hear my heart when I tell you that you should never apologize unless you have actually done something wrong. Not wearing make up is not wrong. Actually, by apologizing, you are saying that I should wear make up. It’s a small thing, or maybe it isn’t. We as women tend to put ourselves down and in doing so put us all down. I don’t think Father God wants me to be made up when I approach Him. Neither does He want us to “put on a face” when we approach one another. You are beautiful, just as He made you. Never apologize for being vulnerable. Love your lips btw! 🤗


    • Hey Myra, thanks for getting past your initial reaction and listening. It may not come across in print and sometimes not even in person, but i have a rather dry sense of humor. If you know me, you hear the giggle. Of course it didn’t stop me from posting. I hope you will keep checking in with us at Wholehearted Women. Thanks.


  3. Well said, and an honor to finally “meet you” Ms. Adel. As to “racism”, I want to remind everyone that God’s word tells us we are all one race. Human. You never read in the Bible about white, black, yellow, brown, etc. because these are skin tones based on the environmental and geographic differences that resulted from Noah and his three sons scattering about and repopulating the earth. Our language differences came as a result of man believing Satan’s lies and once again attempting to become equal with God (i.e. the tower of Babel). Loved what you had to say. Racism, or division of peoples, is not from God, but another lie of Satan this world believes. We each have a choice to make. We can continue to believe the lies that divide us, or we can unite and stand upon God’s promises and His word. Well said young lady.


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