My Lover, My Friend

I asked the Lord what he wanted me to know about Him, and he led me to this scripture. The result is this poem.

Wholehearted Follower

Red and white rose on water

“His Mouth is Sweetness itself, He is desirable in every way. Such, O women, is my lover, my friend.”

Everything he speaks about me, everything he speaks to me, every prayer he prays over me is sweetness and love. I am drawn to His mouth and to His heart.

He protects me. He defends me and stands up for me. He loves me more than he loves himself. He makes sure I know that I am worth everything to Him.

My Lover, My Friend is patient with me. He reads me like a book and knows when I’m ready to receive him. When I’m not, he coaxes me gently with his tenderness until I can’t stand to be separated from Him.

My lover sings over me and the sound of his voice is tenderness and masculinity itself. I can’t help but want more of His goodness, His sweetness and…

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