Have Peace

This morning when I awoke, the Lord was speaking to me about peace.  This past week He was teaching me something new about it and now He was continuing the conversation.

As I lay hands on a couple different people this week, I released peace to them.  They came in fear or in some level of strife going on in their lives.  Being mature believers, they rightly sought the Lord and the fellowship of another believer to share their burden and receive prayer.  This is a good way to keep the enemy from isolating you in his lies.  When I released peace to them, each of us felt the transfer.  When they mentioned it, I found myself saying, “Yes, I can only release what is in me.  If I don’t have peace, I can’t give you any.”  Often the Lord teaches me right in the middle of doing whatever He gave me to do.  I heard myself say those words and it resonated with me as truth that didn’t come from my own mind.

The previous week, we had been experiencing a low in our financial position.  When I made a needed purchase, I was suddenly stressed that I hadn’t asked the Lord about it beforehand.  When I took it to Him, my insides were in an uproar and I asked him what I should do.  I immediately heard, “Have peace.”  Have peace?  Not, peace be still.  Not, be at peace.  But, “Have peace.”  I knew that was not from my own brain.  In that moment I knew what He meant; Peace dwells within me.  It is up to me to choose to have peace or to have turmoil.

It took me a few minutes to wrestle with my soul and remind it that the Holy Spirit dwells in me and I can choose to keep all that struggle for myself our I can give it to Jesus and rest in His love for me.  I can trust my comforter and BE comforted by Him.  I decided in those moments to live from my spirit and give up the soulish fear.

I think we often think of spiritual things as imaginary as opposed to real structures.  It might seem strange that I can be aware of the Kingdom I carry within me and release a tangible missing substance from that Kingdom to people and places I go.  I can also release them to myself!  “HAVE Peace,” He said.

The principle of releasing what is in me comes from the understanding that the Holy Spirit lives within me.  If He lives within me, then all the fruit of His Spirit also resides in me already.  I am not working it up, but as I live in Him, the same fruit that is within me is also continuing to be produced in me and released to the world around me.

In Luke 10:5-6 we see that peace is a tangible commodity that we can impart or take back:  “Once you enter a house, speak to the people there and say, ‘God’s blessing of peace be upon this house!’  If a lover of peace resides there, your peace will rest upon that household. But if you are rejected, your blessing of peace will come back upon you.”

Have you ever had someone say, “I always feel safe when you’re around,” or “You”re so full of joy, I always feel good when you’re here.”  Sometimes we just overflow the Kingdom within us.  Other times it helps to take a breath and consider who I’m about to talk to or the place I’m about to go into and become intentionally aware of Who and What I carry within me.  (Praying in the Spirit is so helpful.)

The world is so hungry for the Jesus in you and me.  They don’t know Him, but they recognize the virtue of Him when they feel it in us and they want Him.  Let me encourage you to become aware of Who and What already belongs to you in our position in Christ.  The Holy Spirit lives within you and the more we live from our spirit and not from our souls, the more He also rests upon us.  When you don’t feel peaceful, remind yourself that Peace himself lives within you always and decide to “have peace.”  From that awareness you will always have something marvelous to give away to the hungry.


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